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            Nothing touches the nobler fibers of our sensibility more than the sight of people who love their country and have only praise and worship for their fatherland and national heroes.

            Indeed, we are deeply touched by the fidelity of those who see in their country the acme of perfection. In fact, the UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM courts such wonderful feelings and goes into no end of trouble to make them possible. We would like to see the whole world prosperous and peaceful, in the service of free and happy people.

            Unfortunately, in most lands people have motives to feel sore and downhearted. Indeed, there are so many “underdogs”, so many “economically weak”, exploited and persecuted people, victims of religious intolerance and social prejudice, outcasts because of religious intolerance and prejudice, outcasts tyranny, State regimentation and threats from vicious gangland that is hard for them to feel safe and happy or be prosperous and free in their own country. There are also scores of citizens who are driving to utter despair by the curse of modern life, which consists in increasing TAXATION, augmentation in PRICES, decrease in INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES, limitation of private rights and the ominous power of secret religious and political organizations.

            All countries rest more or less on the principles of human freedom, social rights, economic security, peace and order. Yet, so few really develop on such promises, or devoted to meet human needs and to fulfill their own promises.

            Wars and economic insecurity ravage the whole world. In all latitudes, we find misery leavening, vice rampant, crocked politics triumphant, and injustice as a growing source of power and authority, while neither Governments nor Religion seem able to check this tide of vicious forces, or even interested in preventing them.

            The world should be a cradle of happiness for all individuals. Would it not be fitting and proper to eradicate outright the causes of human misery? How can we, in fact, speak of Divine Truth and Mercy when we tolerate religious inquisitions and political revolts? How can we vaunt democracy when we cannot eradicate poverty, prevent the harrowing plight of the victims of war, dispel the devils of fear from people who think freely and rebel against their own tragedy? Why pretend human perfection when there are around us in every latitude so many political exiles, sans patrie, conscientious objectors, war refugees, despised and maltreated minorities, and so many more hungry, underfed and disillusioned people?

            It is impossible for us of the UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM to remain indifferent in the face of such monstrous realities, and we refuse to be accomplices of those who perpetrate or tolerate such crimes.

            Neither can we content ourselves with protesting against such tragic realities, or with their condemnation. We must act forth with to solve world problems and remedy human needs. Afterwards we shall philosophize, dream and enjoy life.

            Is not this the only way to justify our existence, and the very way to be permanently thankful to God?

            Of course, our proposition rests on Spiritual values. Only true sages can lead mankind toward liberation from the bedlam, which is modern materialistic civilization.