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The World Museum of the living History of Mankind



The only Travelling Educational Organization extant, presenting with originality and dignity a genuine Scientific and Spiritual Synthesis of Life. Created in Darjeeling, l9I2. Established in New York, 1919, and in Cairo, l921.

The WORLD MUSEUM reveals the past in the present and the living projections of man's indubitable identity. Never, never has such a fabulous spectacle been possible, showing the queer, the limitations, peculiarities and sometimes ominous traits of “human” character as well as its noble conditions. It depicts man's long struggle through history for self assertion, and discloses the occasional marvels of intelligence from the stages of humanimality to those of humanics and humaneity, -including the horrors of civilized turpitudes, by means of genuine evidences, unquestionable documents, pictures, comparative events, summaries of facts, charts and statistics. (“A picture is worth ten thousand words”, Chinese proverb)

The purpose of this starting display of living history is to better understand the meaning of life, and to make MAN MORE THOROUGHLY ACQUAINTED WITH HIMSELF. Then there is a glamour of ultramodern pageantry to match serene dignity of the glorious past, and a group of idoneous Lecturers and authentic sages permanently on duty to render this breathtaking Insight on Life more comprehensible.

At first it was only the lavish Meditation Hall of a Spiritual Sanctuary. Since 1945, however, it includes a fabulous display of unprecedented magnificence. THE UNIVERSORAMA OF SPIRITUALDOM and the equally wonderful BIORAMA OF MAN as well as the idealistic vision of LIFE IN THE FUTURE or the Universal United Spiritual Nations (on the assumption that nobody wants to prove that hate, intolerance, war and crime are respectable or Godly); the Universian Ambassador of Cosmic Consciousness and the Eternal Spiritual Splendours; Sections of Compared Artistic Designs; Philosophy of Art, Optimal living and Speaking Art; Compared interpretative Art; Psycho-Cybernetics; Cosmic Influx on Man; the Great Spiritual Hierarchy and Cosmic-Mindedness; Universal Divinities; Human Reintegration; the Kingdom Divine; the Invisible Man; Historical Epic of Man; Ancient Civilizations and Cultures; Interpretation of the Sacred Myths and Symbols of the Ancient Great Mysteries; Nature of Initiations; the Truth about Spiritualism; Origin and Objectives of Humanity; Esoteric Masonry; The great deluders of mankind; false mahatmas, messiahs, gurunaharajahs, prophets, swamis, saints, God-men and super-charlatans of East and West; A world of seldom mentioned infamies and ignominious monstrosity; Pygmalion and Kipling; When Religion succeeds and where it fails; Mind mechanism; Wherein Theilard de Chardin flunked; Man's Many Gods; Truth about Yoga; Real Educations; the Fail of Man; The Realm of Superstition and Witchcraft; Unknown-Exotic Kingdoms; How people live throughout the world; Glorious and hideous people; Magic of Dance; Energizing Rhythm; Sacred and ignominious Walls; Science is Spiritual, Archeology, the acid test of history; Higher Mathematics in ancient Wisdom; When God minded with mankind; the eternal splendours of religion; Unforgettable monstrous feats eternally condemned by history; the myths of drug-poisoning; the world’s most feared and hated symbol; the ignominies of War; Man’s inhumanity despite all Religions; the UN and democracy; When Deities are transformed into Devils; Parallel of history; Gnostics, Cathareans, Templars and Freethinkers; Philosophies of Mythology; the Judgment of Paris; Leda and the Serpent cult; Ancient and prehistoric civilization speak of eternal truth; Illustrated Exhibit of Historic Religions; Metamorphosis of Divinity and Man; Mystology and Mythopoeia of the ancient Great Mysteries; the weird world of Black Magic; Psychophenomena awe inspiring Ultrapsychology; Spiritual Healing; Education, dedication and domestication; History of the Universal Brotherhood Commonwealth of Mankind; Illustrated revelations on the primitive homos sapiens of 1965 rediscovered the year 500 of the Atomic Era; the Great Spiritual Hierarchy; The great souls who made history; Rogue’s Gallery Pageantry; Man, victim of his own Myths; Spiritual Wisdom in Symbols and Charts; the Spiritual Sanctuaries; Human rehabilitation and reconditioning by Scientific Integral Cultures, etc, etc., and also a factual historiography as well as the archives of numerous important Mystic Orders, spiritualist organization, Masonry, Theosophy, Spiritism, etc., etc.

This unique WORLD MUSEUM proves above all to be a most inspiring revelation beyond the beaten paths of the current interests which fail to inspire the transcendental of life and it adds spice to mankind’s portents by means of a strikingly impartial as well as timely comparisons and sagacious comments.

THE WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND is developed under the aegis of the UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE, yet it remains completely independent, and it is – has ever been and ever will be – a private-owned organism of scholars interested in furthering a Universal Culture and a Civilization of Human Dignity based on Spiritual Values beneficial and to the advantage of the human species heedless of incidental and purely apparent racial, social or national differences. – It establishes links of mutual understanding and creates bridges of dignification over all the chasms of prejudice, crags of pride, citadels of selfishness and traps of superstition, and by affording a Noble Course of normal free, creative and enlightening expression to man’s natural imperatives and spiritual aspirations to excellence and dignity. It is, of course, exclusively cultural and humanitarian and absolutely foreign to and without favoring in the least either religious or political stands, problems, ideologies, systems or policies of any sort.

We aim to bring together, enjoyably and unrestrictedly the different cultural urges of the whole world, without the least intention to either minimize or curtail their value. This is certainly a most salutary prospect for a world which is developing too fast without taking time to meditate or to know exactly what it wants or whither it is going. Art as well as Religion, Science and Philosophy bring different elements into the composite of history, yet by themselves none of these is conclusive or entirely satisfactory, for each one seeks in the other or otherwise a missing SOMETHING, possibly a soldering or emulsive factor, a biogenetic or vitalizing vector, or a catalyzer which is to be found only in the reasonable sublimation of SYNTHESIS. That is, indeed, what we are striving for in the best democratic tradition – or the little essayed suprasensorial media – which do not need mixtifications (mystifications) and never exclude either the Divine nor the realm of ultra-psychology. We are interested above all in SERVICE in highly qualified manners yet, unbiasedly and without pretentions or any sort of exclusivity or hegemony.

Since 1957 we have endeavored to restyle our modes of exhibit, amplifying at the same time the scope of the WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND so as to enhance still more the implications of the modern scientific and spiritual BREAKTHOUGHS and engage an inspiring confrontation of man with himself. Lest we forget a New Age is ushering in, and it is everywhere evident though for sure much more in the splendours Synthesis of Art, Science, Religion and Philosophy. It has been our privileged, indeed, to emphasize with absolute impartiality the significance of the Art of science, religion and philosophy, as well as the Science of art religion and philosophy, and otherwise the Religion of Art, science and philosophy, and the Philosophy of art, science and religion, which were theretofore hardly perceived or even suspected. Now the real characteristics of life are being better realized, and will be ever more until the Universal essence is truly reached. Therefore the function of our Museum is proving essentially educational, as it revives the consistent “message” of things, concepts and events of all times and places, and also provokes new, unfettered thinking trends, polarized by higher consciousness, - instead of being merely a splendorous hoard of “lifeless” and useless even if high priced or scarce items commandeered by either pride, sentimentality, prejudice or fancy, yet shorn of functional designs or nobler perspectives.

Such an inspiring confrontation of man with himself has so far proved highly educating – unexpectedly so, indeed – and infinitely thought provocation opening up new mental horizons in youth and otherwise inviting serene and fruitful meditation. These wonderful results have prompted us to make the WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND as up to date as possible, constantly modifying it as circumstances demand, so that evolving mankind may always find the coefficient of its own little understood inspirational forces, raw genius, and unharnessed intelligence in the untold marvels of both, life and modern progress. So new Sections were added such as: a) PERSPECTIVE OF INTERPLANETARY TRAVELS; b) the undreamed of portents of the electronic-nucleonic era: PHOTORAMA OF THE ATOM; C) WONDERS CREATED BY MAN IMPROVING ON NATURE; d) LIVE ANTHROPOMORPHY (illustrated data regarding Olympic champions and winners of Beauty contests); e) THE INITIATION TO THE GREAT MYSTERIES; F) the secret of life: mechanism of heredity; g) THE DRUGLESS MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE; h) HALL OF LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY, and i) the GRAND GARDEN OF ALL RELIGIONS (functional developments – with ample space for buildings and stands of their own).

This is obviously transforming the Museum into a descriptive graphism of unexpected pedagogical import. For instance, in the particular fields of ADVANCED SCIENCE and PROJECTIONS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY IN HUMAN LIFE we strive to demonstrate how civilization is changing people and vice-versa as well as the prospects of the future materially and spiritually, even to the extreme of evaluating the spiritual equations of pressing material progress – helping even to discover God and the greater values of life in the characteristics of the ascensional aspiration of human dignity. This Section which we compare to that of DIVINE AND HUMAN METAMORPHOSIS is proving more effective since it is coupled to the Grand Stands of Scientific Revelation on higher mathematics and some advancements still in the experimental stage, such as Interplanetary Travel, Biopsychology, Philosophy of Art, and Ultrapsychology, Orderly and methodical comparison, if adequately illustrated is a striking means, as its impacts create psychological conditions of proven efficacy which have otherwise made history, and it leads to SINTHESIS.

Obviously, the WORLD MUSEUM is essentially practical and dynamic, and constantly in quest of factors that dignify man. In fact it constitutes an exceptional treasure of Wisdom – no doubt a unique patrimony of mankind – as well as a genuine “Free Common Market” of Universal Culture since it is also the official and historical depositary of the wealth of material gathered by different geographic, archeological and ethnological research groups and the first-hand information of files and archive of the Permanent World Congress of all the Religions, Faiths, Idealistic Fraternities and Spiritual Philosophies, the New Age University of Scientific and Spiritual Synthesis, and the UNIVERSAL, CULTURAL, HUMANIST, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES (SPIRITUALDOM).

Now, together with an Industrial Consortium, we are busy with the plans regarding two other Sections, namely, the PAGEANT OF THE NATIONS where peaceful competition for human excellence shall be enhanced, exalted and glorified, and the Permanent World-wide Up-to-date Travelling Industrial – Transportation – Communication and Technological Progress Fair which is intended to be the first World-Tourist-Exhibit of the kind ever attempted so that all the phases of human creativeness and accomplishment may be responsibly and comprehensively presented to the general public, and a specially conceived ship or Travelling Island has been designed to serve the purpose. For these two Sections and the GARDEN OF ALL RELIGIONS reservations for location (absolutely free in these two cases) have been made, and pressing requests for further data are also increasing since our first notice on the particular three years ago, engineers and artists are already at work on them in different countries.

The specially equipped Travelling Island is itself a revolutionary conception of navigation as well as an epoch making innovation in regards to ultramodern tourism and the increasing “surplus” of leisure as well as the much need “rehabilitating rest” by most people – on the basis of low prices yet most profitable and enjoyable visits to all the nations beyond de seas – “a Bridge across the oceans and frontiers and a link between all men and the universe”. Would not this be truly THE MOST WONDERFUL SHOW UNDER THE HEAVENS – a treat that no intelligent, self-respecting people can afford to dismiss.

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Prof. M. Peurozet
Curator: Alliance World Museum
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