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 A G H A R T H A

World Assembly of Sages and Spiritual  Instructors and Supreme Spiritual Council







18, rue Maurice Arnoux

MONTROUGE (seine) FRANCE                Paris, the 9th of May, 1952

         Four General Meetings are contemplated to be held this year, in the following places: Asia, America, Europe and South America under the presidency of different Ven. Regents.

         On this extraordinary occasion, the Aghartha wishes to invite the Heads of all Religious Bodies, Masonic Corporations, Benevolent Societies, Learned Associations and Orders of Knighthood of the whole world so as to create an atmosphere of true understanding and cooperation, in the light of the Spiritual Communion and the Golden Rule.

         On this occasion, we intend to revise world conditions and map courses of activities for those who seek to help mankind, and inspire effective and lasting solutions to the growing problems of the world.

         We must emphasize the fact, however, that the Aghartha is not interested in supporting or preferring any sort of political or religious doctrine in particular, and that it strives primarily to guarantee the rights of humanity at large.

         Also, in the accompanying Agenda it is disclosed that we are more interested in solving world problems and remedying human ills, rather than to seek prestige, authority or any other passing worldly conditions. A three-year Plan of possible rehabilitation was given by superior souls in 1933.  Since then pleas and warnings ensued, remaining unheeded.

         The world simply cannot continue as it is now with a nerve wrecking war psychosis, impoverishing spirit of armament, selfishness, and bickering, and in utter economic serfdom and political regimentation.  This ranting of peace, this glamour of dogmatic absolutes, this growing suspicion, this silly bitterness and fiendish hatred is destroying the beauty of life, and constitute a brutish insult to the majesty of Universal Nature.

         The Aghartha now requests undivided attention preferably to economic reform, a world tender, the rescue of minorities in all lands who are persecuted by evil political designs and Church totalitarianism, world Citizenship, freedom of travel, welfare and peace for all, and the protection to all victims of social discrimination and poverty.  It is also imperative that responsible world leaders decide forthwith to establish a Worldwide BROTHERHOOD and COMMONWEALTH of Peaceful and Free People.  The only way to justify all worthy moral tenets, religious doctrines and political charters is by being effective humanistic and spiritual above all other considerations.  Why not make the world a wholesome haven of peace, respect and happiness, suitable for Spiritual grandeur, instead of a bedlam of enslaving labor, vulgar pleasures, money chasing, hatred and killing?

         May we count upon your personal attendance?  Should you be unable to attend, we hope you will send us your Message and propositions.

         Trusting to receive soon your considerate answer, we remain

Devotedly yours in Divine Universal Harmonies.

W.R.Chetteoui, - B. Ledran, - M. Cuña, - Dr. M. London Marin, - M. Sanchez Gomez, - Dr. D. Zapata Troncoso, - H. Chinakha, - Anagarika Dhammapala, - Dorgen Lama, - M. Héraud, - Pr. OM Cherenzi Lind, - Ramadevi, - Dr. M. Starck, - Ct. S. Berg. -  M. Peurozet, - U. de Chiverny, - G. Mansur, - Ct. Cecile T. de Parisini, - Marquis St. Genies, - Anagarika Dharmananda, - Prince Mohamed Cadhi.


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