Visto: 2014


"Those responsible for the planning of a New Age Economy for the BROTHERHOOD AND COMMONWEALTH of peaceful and free people, under the August auspices of the Holy Realm, present to the considerate attention of all mankind the fruit of their long studies and endless sacrifices. This is done in the hope that earnest Economic and Social Reformers as well as inspired Religious leaders and good wishers from all sectors of Humanity will join us in successfully carrying out such plans.

Above all, it must be realized that we are not peddlers of myths, traders in ideologies, colporteurs of sentimental doctrines, fancy mystic, schemers, or merely daydreamers. The fact is that we have transcended purely idealistic postures, and also, instead of catering to our goal by combative means we prefer to go technically about it.

We are scientific logicians, although much imbued with Spiritual values, and we strive to make our conquests rest on moral qualities. We know whereof we speak, because we have suffered much through want, religious persecution, syndical tyranny, political totalitarianism, extreme nationalism, economic servitude and all sorts of social prejudice and discrimination.

We entertain neither ill will nor malice toward anybody, and only want to enjoy effective peace, wellbeing and happiness, wishing for all others the same lot.

We are practical idealists and realistic visionaries. May our accomplishments speak for us, since we have neither doctrines nor dogmas, and we make no promises outside the due outcome of personal endeavors and merits.

We deem it the obligation of our critics as well as of our friends to cooperate with us toward improving our concepts and increasing our endeavors.

Henry Cummings