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Thou shalt not hate, hurt, deceit, slander, vilify, exploit or persecute thy neighbor who is also thine Friend and Brother in the Supreme Lord Thine God and Father.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE has been toiling strenuously for the past four decades striving to bring about a real understanding and co-operation among the different Churches and Faiths of the whole world, and we have already held Twenty-Three Grand Sessions (until 1947) of the WORLD PARLAMENT OF RELIGIONS. This is an exceptional record, and our accomplishments stand as a unique proof of what the real Religious spirit can do when true devotion and spiritual earnestness are the guiding factors.

Foremost, our accomplishments may be considered as unique because never heretofore in the whole course of human history the different Religions of the world have been able to meet on a common Spiritual ground, and work together, above whatever sectarian designs and theological doctrines. Today, indeed, Christians meet with Brahmins, Muslims, Buddhisms, Zoroastrians, Hermetists, Caodaists, Lamaists, Spiritualists and people of other Faiths and traditions in spite of their racial traits and philosophical differences or cultural characteristics. In fact, even the different Groups of these great Religions have found among us a common ground of religious realization and Spiritual Communion. The ECUMENICAL COMMUNION is a reality, and we see Ministers of all Faiths consider each other as Servants of the Supreme Father-God and Guides of all humanity without questioning historical rights, or imposing doctrines and dogmas of their preference.

In fact, the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is the Universal Church where all Religions meet and work exclusively for Universal Religious designs, and God is the Supreme Father and Inspirer whom nobody questions. There, the mainstay is GOD, and HUMANITY the main subject, and the only purpose is to prove our worthiness by Justifying our Faith. Each does his very best, well realizing that only eternal Truth must he testified to by our noblest endeavors.

Cosmic Consciousness is not a metaphysical fancy. Thanks to this higher realization Spiritual Communion is now generally feasible, notwithstanding Church characteristics and jurisdictions.

Indeed, it is now a proven fact that all Churches and Faiths can form a common Front, and answer the call of our Lord “Be One, Perfectly One”, that is the Universal--Religious--Spiritual Brotherhood of Mankind.

This has been rendered possible through the application of the GOLDEN RULE, which is the unwritten Divine Commandment.

Those who have heard the COSMIC VOICE know, indeed, that the Golden Rule stands as one of the fundamentals of all Religions, and in these troubled and perplexing times it is a prime requirement to return to the essence of Religion if we really wont mankind to escape doom and triumph over the manifold menaces of this “atomic and nuclear era”. Violence, hatred, treachery, selfishness and greed have provoked all forms of seditions, conspirators and wars. Is it not time to return to sanity, and to respect Divine Commandments?

Many people speak of Brotherhood, Truth, Divine Wisdom, heavenly peace, world spiritual rule. Unfortunately, most of them forget all about human dignity, and lose their soul in the maze of fantastic theories and strange mystical practices. Amid the rear of canons and explosions of foul passions, we see people resort too easily to slander, hatred, vilification, and persecution, as if they alone had the right to live, to own Truth, and to speak en behalf of God. Is hot this frankly ludicrous? 

True Religion is Peace, Justice, Brotherhood. The Lord Christ was Prince of Peace. Moses was ruler of Justice. Buddha was Lord of Kindness. Shri Krishna was fashioner of world Brotherhood.

Why not cast aside worldly designs, and return to the essentials of Religious life? As Gandhi stated, Brotherhood is the forgotten destiny of mankind. Shall we follow Count Tolstoy’s enjoinment, and transform our war engines into implements for peaceful life?

We know, some people have answered our purports and our INVITATION with ignominious slanders and vilifications, accusing us of all sorts of foolish designs. Such a response, of course, can be construed only as the expression of their inner wickedness and evil designs. People, like trees, produce only the fruits which they are prepared to produce. Let us judge them by their treacherous and poisonous flowers.

Those who hove Religion at heart, though, understand whereof we speak, and will easily realize that there is no true Religion without Moral strength, and no real Spirituality can stand on effete morals, or without ennobling endeavors and Divine ideals.  


Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig

President World Board of Patrons and Trustees of the Universal Religious Alliance



My answer to those who hate, vilify and murder me:  K.H:


WE DO NOT EXPECT OR EVEN INTENT TO CHANGE THE WORLD. WE SIMPLY STRIVE TO MAKE A BETTER NEW ONE. A way of life, a New Age Civilization in which the Christian and the Moan, the Jew and the Hindu, the Taoist and the Moslem, the Gnostic and the Buddhist, the Confucian and the Spiritualist, and all together treat each other as good friends and brothers — without the traditional HOMO HOMINI LUPUS instinct, that is without seeking to either acquire or conquer, annihilate, squash, convert, impose, unseat, satellize, escalade, smother, discredit, destroy or exploit one another. This, of course, whether we care to admit it or not, is found only in the UNIVERAL ALLIANCE and WORLDWIDE BROTHERHOOD CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND

**   There is only ONE God, ONE Truth, ONE Golden Rule, and ONE Humanity. Why, then should people who claim to be righteous and afire with Love and Compassion live in unfriendly ways, resort to violence, wage wars, or believe more in the right of might than in their own vaunted faith and ideals?

**    All Divine Teachings, like all genuine Spiritual values rest on the practice of wholesome living and ethical purviews. Why should people be divided by Religions and Faiths which are like citadels of prejudice and pride, when Inter-Religious and Inter-Faith Co-operation are the safest way to ensure the Brotherhood of Man and true Spiritua1 Communion?

**   Individual adhesions, or Active Membership is conditioned by applicant’s renunciation to violence, pride, hatred, lust, unfriendliness, discrimination and intolerance. The only requisite for adhesion or Active Membership is the underwriting of the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL CONVENANT. All Religious bodies, Faiths, Churches, Fraternities, learned organizations, mystic Schools, chivalric Orders, Spiritual Centers and philosophical Movements arc WELCOME. By joining forces we increase in power and expand in qualities. Let us establish the MORAL UNITY FOR UNIVERSAL LIFE and the SPIRITUAL UNION FOR DIVINE COMMUNION hereunder forthwith.


**   JOIN NOW, if you agree with us that the Divine Kingdom is not a matter of sectarianism, tradition or orthodoxy, but, rather, of SPIRITUAL COMUNION, Conscientious living, Love, Righteousness and Brotherliness.




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