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(Unfulfilled Hopes)


Paris May 4th, 1966

Dear Sir,

Considering your organization as characterized by respectable principles as well as sound idealism and progressive thinking, and that it may be interested in enlarging its scope of SERVICE TO Members while really universalizing its field of activities, we have thought that you would appreciate our gesture of direct INVITATION to actively participate in THE WORLDWIDE BROTHERHOOD – CO-OPERATIVE – COMMONWEALTH OF MAKIND.

In the same spirit we have recently addressed to at least 1400 different religious organization of the whole world a special Spiritual Message, together with the New Age Spiritual Testament for Modern Mankind. Today, we hope to reach at least 4000 other organizations, guilds and movements which would correspond to the other eleven Sections of our Universal Alliance. Almost one thousand of these are already either sympathizing or collaborating Members, but rather few have thus far ventured to cooperate on a practical and financial basis, possibly because we have never made any request to that effect or simply due to the fact that until now we have been busy laying the foundations of the organizations, and we were able to meet all expenses through spontaneous private subscription in the understanding that this stage of preparation could not be carried out on a basis of obligatory contributions.

Now, however, the stage of organization is well advanced, and the moment has come to enforce a minimum contribution, either in legal currency or in donations of assets, works of art and staple goods that can be transformed into effective means. Just what does this amount to? Why should all this interest you and your organization?

Modern times are confusing, and a quantity of perplexing problems are assailing humanity, to the extreme that we all wonder whether it is no truly urgent to get a clearer insight in the dangers that lurk everywhere with the growth of delinquency, effete morals, increase of conflicts and mods and modes of violence, and utter spiritual void. Moreover, people of dignifying principles and ideals, and nobly-minded, should unhesitantly get together and face all problems jointly so as to better solve them, and also envision the future on a basis of truly unbiased and worldwide cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

In times of danger, it is necessary to resort to trustworthy designs, and also to assist and protect each other integrally and unconditionally. Today, mankind is undeniably falling into unprecedented abysses of loose morality and intellectual chaos. Then, unstable, unbalanced and shady characters, as well as morons, delinquents, cheaters, masterminds of hate and violence, and antisocial individuals are fast growing in number and invading all the stratus of human society.

Now, our aim and purpose is to UNITE all people of Goodwill, Understanding, humanitarian designs, ennobling spiritual ideals, and devoted to ethical and peaceful endeavors so as to build and enjoy conscientiously the Way of Life and Civilization of our nobler aspirations.

But we believe in the UNITY IN UNIVERSALITY only from the standpoint of HUMAN CONSCIENCE. Our objective is to UNITE PEOPLE AS HUMAN BEINGS, not in the name of any specific motive centered on the concept of race, religion, faith, nationality, ideology or clan. People may have their own group motivations and Movements of endeavors, but if they are noble inspired and have sincere humanitarian ideals, we see no reasons why they should be separated, antagonistic and mutually intolerant, or combative if not altogether ignorant and indifferent toward one another. After all, is it not to the satisfaction and benefit of all to enhance and to consider the conditions of Mankind as respectable and sacred? (What has become of the Divine injunctions of Golden rule “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Be unto others as yee would have done unto”? or are such designs good and valid only when people are not at war, or, admittedly, willing slaves, irresponsible robots and unprotesting zombies? It is so easy, indeed, to speak of “Love” and to sing “praise at the Lord” while we drop atomic and napalm bombs, or machine gun the “hated enemies or satanic heathen”).  Anyway, there is no need to be a genius to realize that truly wholesome people can achieve much more when they work together than when pulling each one toward a different goal or direction. Well, whether we care to admit it or not, association for Mutual Understanding, Mutual Goodwill, Mutual Respect, Mutual Assistance and Mutual protection can never be harmful to anybody when it is sincerely undertaken.

The UNIVERSAL CULTURAL, HUMANIST, RELIGIIUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES, Inc. and its section for individuals: NEW AGE WORLD-WIDE BROTHERHOOD – CO-OPERATIVE- COMMONWEALTH OF MAKIND does not aim to either supplement or supplant other organizations. Well on the contrary, rather, they enrich their patrimony and widen their horizons infinitely only in the humanitarian sense. In fact, as practice proves amply, the different Social Sections and the New Age Luminary Hearths that are being established immediately become cosmopolite Branches of all the Active Affiliated Member organizations simultaneously, and through congenial contacts these Social Cultural and Humanitarian Centers promote and consolidate a friendship of unlimited horizons of raised and strengthened ideals or aspirations which, inevitably, are bound to produce a higher valorized social standard. This Open Door Policy inspired by the Golden Rule enables the mingling of Active Associate Members who actually belong to different spheres, obviously very identical in appearance but dissimilar in thinking modes or cultural backgrounds, so as to increase their vital interests. All have the same ideals and aspirations, but for once, they are afforded the opportunity as well as the means and the examples to collaborate constructively toward their mutual advantage and benefit, on a scale which is truly worldwide in application and universal in spirit.

This is not merely a peacemeal formula which can be had for the asking, or a program that can be resorted to empirically. It is, above all, the fruit of many decades of experience, the concerted action of different factors that would not combine under the circumstances, and, above all, it represents a really special spirit of qualified leadership plus the accumulation of facilities which are the exclusive property of the NEW AGE WORLDWIDE BROTHERHOOD – CO-OPERATIVE – COMONWEALTH OF MANKIND. Facilities, for instance, such as our Exclusive Planned and Guided Travel Tours are, more than exceptional, impossible to duplicate, or even to imitate. If we need more of such motives we can mention specifically our Traveling World Museum of the Living History of Mankind which is absolutely unique as a laboratory of higher thinking and as a vehicle of sterling values of boundless culture. Then, we have the project of World Tourist Centers (now being revived – several of them are, in fact, under process of preparation in different countries, as our means permit), specifically intended to develop better human relations and all possible facilities for inexpensive travels and fully enjoyed leisures, and not designed for mercantile exploitation or for people who forget good manners and their morals.

Our basic feature is to be found, of course, in the field of true, integral education, as we are the sole organization that affords not only highly qualifying culture, but a complete Course of Integral Human Development and Reconditioning. What is more, we have different Courses of Study of professional character, as well as others of human metamorphosis and character building, which are exclusively for the people connected with us. What is still more is the fact that all such Special Services are ABSOLUTELY GRATIS, and for all the Active Associated Members to enjoy at will. Besides, we have a rather unique secret, which makes us matchless and inimitable. Indeed, we are characterized by a wonderful if not higher most humanitarian spirit and a Philosophy of Life that is devoid of mercantile objectives and an absolute lack of interest in any sort of hegemony or glory.

If you consult our Membership Conditions of Contract and Benefits you will soon realize why we have so much to offer in the form of free SERVICE in exchange of so small Dues. This is because we are engaged in a field in which we specialize as pioneers. The NEW AGE WORDWIDE BROTHERHOOD – CO-OPERATIVE – COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND means and implies that we all earnestly collaborate and participate in the obligations together, contribute alike, and share and enjoy the resulting benefits equally.

The great advantage of joining friendly hands, intelligent heads and kind hearts on the well-meaning of COOPERATION THROUGH SOLIDARITY and MUTUAL ASSISTANCE UNDER STRESS, STRIFE OR NEED is to know who is really understanding; who are our friends; who is positively worthy of trust.

Now if we contemplate the NEW AGE WORDWIDE BROTHERHOOD – CO-OPERATIVE – COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND from the standpoint of the SPECIAL SERVICES, which are absolutely free to the Active Affiliate and Associate Members or Partners, and extensive to the adherents of all the Affiliated organization, indiscriminately, too, we shall realize that we are witnessing an extraordinary if unprecedented social phenomenon. Not only it is truly universal because it overlaps all sorts of frontiers and doctrinal limitations or sectarian enclosures and social postures, but above all it tends to guaranty to all its beneficiaries untold facilities, a congenial surrounding, and it also affords the utmost possibilities of improving their own lot in life.

Organization and individuals who are not really sincere are not eligible for Membership among us, or they promptly exclude themselves, as the practice of the GOLDEN RULE is our great working principle. Besides, we all adopt the Universal Crown Law of Life which characterizes the New Age: BEHAVE RIGHTLY, RESTITUTE THE FRUIS OF VIOLENCE AND INIQUITY, MAKE RIGHT PREVAIL AND STOP INDULGIN IN THE WRONG, EVIL OR UNHOLESOME”. The ethical character of our organization runs parallel with its interest in human welfare, peace, health and happiness, as well as its love of culture. This explains the fact that we are mostly known as a free educational organization as well as a unique humanitarian institution.

We want to believe that the Universal Brotherhood and Commonwealth of Man is a great reality, or can be forthwith realized. As a matter of fact there is not the slightest reason in our mind why your organization and all people of humanitarian designs should not be friends. This is the first step, indeed, toward all the realizations in a wider scale, such as World Peace, Human Dignity, International Understanding, Unbiased Welfare, and Non discriminating Humanism. Last but not least, we would fail to see the faintest motive of admiration in any form of religion, sectarianism, social hegemony, totalitarian clanism or vaunted polity which would be more on the side of arbitrary limitations than anything else. Or should we say simply selfish exclusivism? Whichever it be, we sincerely trust that human evolution will soon offset all the prejudices and unseeming passions that now separate and pent people against one another.

The adhesion of your Organization in any capacity is most WELCOME, and we hope to hear from you wither as friends or collaborators in the near future. Kindly just consider yourself as cordially invited. However should you prefer to join us as partner in a timely undertaking which is equally interesting and benefiting to all those concerned, you may do so, for even if we (you and us) were alone but United in friendship and to make our nobler ideals prosper and prevail, we could still proclaim joyfully that the NEW AGE WORLWIDE BROTHERHOOD – CO-OPERATIVE – COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND is a splendid reality.

In this respect, may we repeat: “Lo and behold, the Universal Alliance constitutes a Spiritual Union, a communion of humanitarian service, and authentic Brotherhood – Commonwealth of Mankind for the ushering in New Age. It may be for long a sort of sacred refuge for the downtrodden and unhappy, or an oasis for the true idealists, but some day mankind will have evolved enough to understand that this is what the Sages of all the ages have always sought”  (Message to Mankind, Benares, 1912)

Most Faithfully in the ennobling human ideals and in Universal Harmonies.

M. Peurozet                                                          Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig
       Vice-President                                         General Grand Patron and Coordinator

f/Grand Chancellor

*  *  *


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