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Havana, the 11th of March, 1960

Ven. Mai-Swarupa Mai-Markand

Mai Nivas                     

Santa Cruz West

Bombay 23, INDIA

Grace and Greetings.

Beloved Maiji,


Infinite thanks for your kind letters of Feb 23 and 26, just at hand, and I answer them forthwith as I do not want to delay these important matters on hand.

Our hardships for over a year because of the World Congress have not ended, as this country here is in a revolutionary state, and passions run high and heated, boiling and devilish. Christians seem to realize that we have uncovered their failures and their hypocrisy, so they attacked us from the very first day. This is been too hard on us, and too protracted, and human nature can just stand so much, not more. We have endured the martyrdom, only because we are unshakable in spirit, and our heart has more love than there it salt in the oceans, so we simply stand up and on, and refuse to be destroyed; we are maltreated and bruised, but not destroyed, not felled, nor vanquished. Now, we face the tremendous task of “digesting” the World Congress, so as to make it as effective as possible in its aftermaths, or consequences, as we do not want it be merely a joute of words and fanciful rhetoric. WE ARE EVER PRACTICAL and we make Human Brotherhood and Spiritual Communion an effective dynamics, or, rather a creative synergetic attitude.

Yes, we are not simply for Mai, but we have in inherently in us, MAl cannot be a mere faith; if it is anything it is supremely the indefective devotion and realization of Love to the Undifferentiated Spirit or Principle of the whole Universe-eternal.

In regards to WORLD RELIGION, or ONE RELIGION, we may differ, indeed as we have a different field of action. Perhaps the difference is merely one of words. I am 1000% for the UNIQUE RELIGIOSITY, which is the spiritual unity, while I submit to the multiplicity of systems of religion. There shall be ONE WORLD RELIGION only when it is created, but all the other religions will never yield their character or interests in favor of this unique universality. We are faced here with the tragic realities of the world, which are so selfish, and obnoxious to the pure heart. The fact it that all religions and faiths actually claim to be universal, or unique and supreme, yet none is authentically what it claims, as one thing is doctrine, and quite another the practice of daily life. In any event, despite the differences of concepts, I and all of us out here are WITH YOU AT HEART AND SPIRITUALLY, letting the divergences of the mind rhyme as pure romance. The truth is that we are ONE, and the rest is shadow.

Let us keep on toiling for the yearnings which we so dearly cherish, and may soon be able to meet in the name of Mai in India. The fact is that some people are approaching government officials in this respect, and it is quite possible that we hold a Grand Assembly over there soon. So, indeed, if we prepare well the ground, and if we publish the outcomes of the Havana triumph we shall reap great triumph in all India and all Asia.

Please excuse the brevity of this missive, which only witnesses so to say the Message of the heart which springs forth to you.

Most devotedly in MAl.


Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig