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Havana, February 11, 1960


Ste-2.614 McBride Blvd.

New Westminster B.C.


Dear Rev. Marke Norma,

Received your of Feb. 3rd gladly and with deep appreciation.

Our aims at the World Congress were to defend the ideals and principles of all the Religions and Faiths. We had the sympathy and assistance of many who understood our aims and endeavors, while those who prefer to serve organizations and selfish purposes prefer to ignore us. Thus, we were able to gather 308 different Official Delegation from all over the world, representing some 400 different organizations, or something like 2/3 of the world population. We worked during exactly three months, some unprecedented, indeed, and we approved numerous Motions and Declarations, which are now being diffused throughout the universe.

We will gladly establish good relations with the Great Western University. We are most ample in views, and abhor only fanaticism and selfish designs. We do not interfere with any system or organization, and answer only when we are attacked, as happened with the Roman Catholic Church here, which aimed to destroy us with Inquisitorial methods. Kindly present our good wishes and noble respect to Dr. Eugene Whitworth, whenever you can. We good folks should UNITE, once for all, so as to meet the challenges of the dark forces and inquisitorial powers. We have begun. Others must adhere, or follow. Either we UNITE or sink together.

Yes, please do connect us with other praiseworthy persons. Education is our main line. We hold the World Congress Grand Assembly only to interest the bulk of making toward our endeavors and principles.

We now try to meet in Germany, Nigeria, and Egypt in the forthcoming months. UNITY must come triumphant out and from multiplicity. Morally and spiritually speaking, it is not possible to dissent fundamentally, as there is only ONE God, ONE Truth, and ONE Humanity. There is also only ONE Golden Rule. Furthermore, if we be educated and decent toward one another, and work together for the common good, how can we be wrong? Your assistance is most welcome.

By separate mail we will send you the Preliminary and General Reports. We are tired of so much toil, and we need successors, collaborators, and sincere leaders everywhere. We can efface and eliminate ourselves if stern and qualified worked step in line and prove worthy of the supreme cause.

Thanks initially for your kind attention.

Most devotedly yours,


Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig