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Havana, the 10th of February, 1960

Universal Church of Meltchisedeq
Pastor A.A. Etang
Ikot Uneke % Ibiono P.A.
Itu District, Calabar Prov.
Nigeria. BW. Africa

Most Beloved Brother and Partner in the Lord of Lords,

Infinite Thanks for your precious letter, undated, just received, which you sent to our address in Calif. Please write to me here at the address of Cuba where I am now working for the World Congress.

I am so happy to learn that there is such enthusiasm in Nigeria, and I am most willing to go to Nigeria as soon as we can see clearly into the heart of the people in Nigeria. If they are really ready to help and to cooperate, we shall go without losing time, as we want to work, always. What we cannot do is lose time, or go around the world like tourists, or just for fun. Our time is most precious.

We are most enthused about your letter, so it is perhaps getting right time to consider seriously about going to Nigeria.  But we must prepare this: WORLD CONGRESS of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies in Nigeria. I am certain that we will obtain a wonderful success. But we cannot do anything if the people of Nigeria do not ask for us, and do not cooperate.

We are very practical people. We do not build temples for foreign organizations, but only such work that can be immediately useful, materially and spiritually, or culturally and morally to all the people who are collaborating with us.  As you see, we are not like those churches which only ASK FOR MONEY, and give in return only promises in heaven. With us, real Heaven must be here and now, not after we die. Let us work toward such a practical end, making real the kingdom Divine here on earth….

The different Churches, all the Chiefs, should write to me and tell me really what they think, and that they are IN SPIRIT with us. We do not work for a single sect, or for some certain individual who calls himself God, but for ALL PEOPLE. We don’t speak so much about God as with Godliness, as this is the only way to prove God. We do not give doctrines, dogmas and blessings, or hope, because we prefer to make all people happy, immediately, on this planet.

ENNEMIES, we don’t care about them. To hell with enemies. If they are against us, they only work against themselves, so let join them… but in reality they only work selfishly, for themselves, for their sect, for their organization, but not IN REALITY for all people regardless of race, faith and nationality.

The arrangements you can make for us is to ask the Lagos Immigration Bureau of Immigration to issue VISA to Archbishop Paal OM Lind, Grand Chancellor of the URA Blanche Ledran, Secretary General Micheline Heraud, and Coordinator Marcelline Peurozet. I am Cuban citizen, and the three ladies citizens of France, all residents of Cuba. Without VISA we cannot enter Nigeria.

Best wishes and Blessings to all of you

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig Lind