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The first spiritual shrine of truth for the New Age has been created.

It irradiates blessings for mankind through all the religions

Porto Alegre, 1rst of August, 1963

H. H. Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig, better known as the Illustrious Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, head of the Universal Cultural and Spiritual Mission, has just afforded a proof of extraordinary altruism and impersonal service to mankind by transforming temporally his estate, now known as Spiritual Sanctuary See, at Mostardeiro 285, into the UNIVERSAL TEMPLE OF ALL THE RELIGIONS, thus deciding not to wait for the building of the Spiritual Sanctuary for the New Age in Brasilia. Until now it was the very first Ashram or Refuge of Peace and Spiritual Meditation in Brazil. This  new institution is unique in all Latin America, and also the biggest and most regal of its kind in the whole world, as the mansion itself is an authentic princely palace, presently sheltering the WORD LIVING MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, the Philosophical, Religious and Spiritualist Alliance of the New World, the Institute of Scientific Integral Yoga, the World University of Science and Spiritualism for the New Age, the Luminary Center “Señor Maitreya”, the Free Theosophical Study Center, and the Organizing Committee for the FIRST BRASILIAN CONGRESS OF ALL RELIGIONS, HUMANIST, FRATERNAL, PHILOSOPHICAL AND SPIRITUALIST ORGANIZATIONS, which constitutes by itself a splendid Alliance for the Cultural and Spiritual Progress, or an Ecumenical Council of all the religions and spiritual expressions, with a well defined universal common denominator which guarantee the coexistence of all people interested in mutual understanding, assistance and peace.

The Ill oriental sage Pr. OM Lind is abandoning Brazil and he has decided to give at the same time a practical and effective significance to his own teachings of love, wisdom, and spiritual noblesse. Thus, his wonderful mansion in Porto Alegre is now dedicated to the best possible purpose, that is a common meeting ground for all respectable people as well as means for a better understanding and genuine fraternal cooperation among all religious, fraternal, spiritualist and philosophical organizations in this country. Such a noble gesture is undoubtedly worthy of the greatest admiration, more so because, according to Pr. OM Lind’s own words: the immediate aim is to contribute toward the eradication of the greatest “cold war” as well as all the “Berlin Walls” which exist among idealists, humanists, lovers of truth, pacifists and devotees of  world brotherhood and the universal spiritual union, by means of an expressive and functional dynamic center dedicated to the promotion of human rehabilitation, and thus ward off the dangerous menace of communism and international mystical mafias.

Therefore all religious, fraternal, spiritualist and philosophical organizations shall enjoy equal rights to use the ample halls and gardens of the state for their characteristic activities, upon pervious request. All the facilities and services are absolutely and unconditionally free. However, no political, mercantile, anti-social or anti-fraternal activities of any sort shall be permitted under any circumstance there.


The lessons of history should be promptly heeded if mankind wants to avoid another human eclipse such as those of the ancient Egypt, Caldea and Mexico. We must above all, urgently, tighten the spiritual, cultural an brotherly ties englobing all humanity, well above the many chasms created by non-understanding, ruthless violence, sadistic hatred, barbarian fanaticism, systematical injustice, intolerant ideological partisanship, totalitarian authoritarianisms, absolute sectarianisms as well as the foolishness of Panurgean flocks. Men should learn anew to be “human” and thus enable themselves to prove the validity of their own religions, ideals and philosophies. Forsooth, they must know how to justify their own existence according to the principles which they claim to adopt and love.

The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY OF THE NEW AGE and the WORLD UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALISM FOR THE NEW AGE shall continue to function as usual under the aegis or the Great Spiritual Hierarchy and within the framework of the Greater Spiritual Universal Brotherhood.