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(Humanism – Culture – Spirituality)

aru all churches


Stands for stable structural Moral Unity and functional Spiritual Universality. It is not allied politically with warmongers and hegemonistic blocks; it works toward world peace, welfare, effective, peaceful co-existence, sincere understanding, practical humanism, intense cultural endeavors for mutual economic-social rehabilitation, progress and efficient mutual defense, assistance, credit, service and blessings for nobler spiritual attainments with the Spiritual Hierarchy and under the Fatherhood-Motherhood of God.

It has a unique and matchless record of over half a century of preparation by the Spiritual Hierarchy, furthering real spiritual UNIVERSALITY and moral UNITY and the integral Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, practicing the Universal Prayer-Meditation, Assistance and Healing network, as well as the unwritten Universal Religion of Love, Righteousness, Wisdom, Service and Spiritual Communion and carrying out the Universal Spiritual Missions without either doctrinal bias or sectarian intolerance or exclusivism of any sort.

It represents joint leadership in world affairs under Divine Law, the Golden Rule and Human Rights.

This organism is selective and collaborative in character and it constitutes the World-wide Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man (Peaceful and Free People) fundamentally because its participants are conscientious and absolutely independent. Member-organizations remain completely autonomous and free to cooperate spontaneously, on the basis of the Eternal Spiritual Covenant. Therefore only a select minority can really adhere to such a Noble Course of Life which stands on the Divine Law of Light, Love and Life.

Functionally speaking, it is a grand Confederation-Guild-Cooperative Syndicate of respectable and reliable religious, humanist, Spiritualist, idealist, cultural and philosophical groups which not only adheres to de Golden Rule but actually lives by and under it.

While its 27 different founding organizations represent the basic religious, fraternities and philosophies which cover the major part of human history, we may safely assert that the universal Religious Alliance or world-wide confederation of religious, humanist, cultural and spiritual organizations synthesizes the activities and the leadership of the greater Spiritual hierarchy in what Stephan Zweig attempted to define as the “Universal geography of spiritual biology and the parapsychology of the science of conscience”.  In reality it constitutes the greatest practical essay in the Universal Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man ever contemplated.

The Grand Assembly of this unique Divine Way of Human Life is the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN or Permanent World Parliament of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies, operating as autonomous section constituencies whether they are or are not associate Members of the Universal Religious Alliance, so that all mankind may partake in the deliberations and legislative dispositions which bear on all Human Rights and the vital issues of Humanity at large.

Needless to say, it would be a tragic retrogression into dark pre-history if such noble spiritual attainments which mark the stages of the main conquests of man over matter as well as over himself – should be permitted to decline, or if the human mind should suffer such degeneration as to lose contact with the vital issues of human existence.

That is why we reaffirm our faith in human nature as much as in spiritual principles, and invite all sincere people and truly noble souls to collaborate in this grand adventure with the Spiritual Hierarchy.


Edited in 1962