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Integrating the Universal Spiritual Union, Inc., The August SOMA Inc., The Nature Fellowship, Inc., The Universal Religious Alliance and Holy Realm, Inc., The Philopolytechnic Institute, Inc., The Aghartha, Inc., etc. a Worldwide Confederation of Interdependent and Autonomous Educational, Religious, Cultural, Mystic, Fraternal, Idealist, Spiritualist, Vegetarian, Scientific Research, Benevolent, Philosophical, Artistic, and Spiritual Organizations Interested in the Golden Rule, the New Age Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, the Aristocracy of Intelligence, and Spiritual Noblesse. Created in London, 1820. Established in Jerusalem, 1912.

Absolutlely non-doctrinal, non-domineering, non-political, non-hegemonistic and non-mercantile




  "Real education awakes, transforms, reshapes, reactives, and exalts man in dimensions of excellence and dignity”

The emphasis on sound education and Spiritual culture as evidenced by the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE and HOLY REALM, Inc, is due primarily to the fact that world problems really and truly depend on the capacity of human individuals to face reality and to live wholesomely, or in accordance with the Golden Rule and the teaching of the Kingdom Divine.

It is an unquestionable fact that problems, conflicts and complexes would NOT exist if people were better guided Spiritually, more morally fit, and really educated for a wholesome way of life. There is no way around this absolute fact except by means of irresponsible demagogy, foolish bigotry, unreasonable dogmatism, and discredited mind.

When we see great conflicts and terrible tragedies arise we wonder, indeed, why people did not overt such awful conditions and problems. Neither Governments nor Churches can, of course, remedy ills, prevent vice, or check criminality or delinquency merely by means of coercive measures, or with doctrines and promises. All great social problems have their rest in profound mental complexes which arise from a dire lack of inner as well as outer education. It is preposterous to speak of solving human problems without going deeply in the mind of people, and in this respect no religious doctrine can by itself rehabilitate any individual. Neither can Divine interference of any sort become valid when people are not duly prepared for living according to an awakened and dynamic conscience, an alert and creative mind, a noble and uplifting heart, and a serene and enlightening Spirit.

We Serve all Mankind while we strive to make a better world by educating, guiding and inspiring people.

"The Truth shall make you free", it is said. We would say, rather, that ONLY A REAL EDUCATION CAN PREPARE PEOPLE FOR FREEDOM, PEACE, JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUS LIVING AND HAPPINESS.

Those who enjoy our Education Services are really the people MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED IN LIFE.

Our endeavors constitute the greatest battle ever undertaken against IGNORANCE or half-truth, SUPERSTITION or ignorant supposition, WITCHCRAFT and idolatry, SELF-DELUSION, FEAR, IMPOTENCE, ANXIETY, and DESPAIR. The unquestionable truth is the invincible weapon against all human misery, and the Great Liberator.

Our great task consists in breaking all the fetters and prejudices which lead to discrimination and self-righteousness, or irresponsible foul-play. We do not tell other people to MAKE PEACE, or to BE GOOD and LIVE WHOLESOMELY; we begin by giving the good example to the people of all the races, faiths and conditions of life, so that they may find real Peace, enjoy genuine Goodness and Righteousness, and live commendably.

This is our own matchless Spirit, our unique ecumenism, our characteristic dignity, and our total war against all problems.

We stir the HEART

Awaken and expand CONSCIENCE

Arouse the MIND

Set Free and Enlighten the SPIRIT.

All our Courses of Study bear the Gold Seal UNIQUE GUARANTY of matchless integrity, reliability, thoroughness, unconventionality, non-sectarianism, and universality, as well as of unconditional Academic authoritativeness and independence.

We offer YOU a real World College for the Leaders of tomorrow.


Tell us your problems, your aims, your needs...

... and we shall help you.



General Course of Study and Training.