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                   Even if it were not implicitly said, the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE stands as THE SUPREME TEST OF MANKIND.  It aims: to meet the challenge of ominous materialism, abominable ignorance and crude vice, which are the anthropomorphic results of lack of true devotion and holiness as well as basic morality, and ample Spiritual vision.   Atheism is bad enough, but not so much as superstition, witchcraft, deceitful hypocrisy and the criminal projections of fanatical falsehood, which are the real causes of effete morals, social injustice, economic tragedy, ideological confusion, vice, lust, sorrow, self-righteousness and violence or war. Lest we forget, the most monstrous of all menace suffered by the world, today is communism, and this scourge is nothing but the compound result of false religion and spiritual void.

            The SUPREME TEST OF MANKIND appears also in the form of self-justification when the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities, mystic Schools, Spiritual Societies, New Thought groups, Chivalric and Templar Orders, Peace and Ethical Movements, Humanist Associations, Human Guilds, Healing Chains, Metaphysical and Metapsychic Institutes, and Philosophical Academies adhere to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE for mutual recognition, mutual honor and respect, mutual assistance, mutual blessing and mutual protection as well as unconditional effective and practical WORK, TEACH, WORSHIP and SERVE  TOGETHER.  Of course, the might of many is greater under all circumstances than that of few, or single-handed organizations or people.  Besides, the principle of UNITY in MULTIPLICITY in ideals and ethics matches well with that of ONENESS or SPIRITUAL COMMUNION IN TRUE UNIVERSALITY.

            When people or organization prefer to shun “public action”, Open Forum and unselfish co-operation, they actually prove that they are not interested in a worldwide ethical action, or in true universal Spiritual Communion.  In fact, being so, they forfeit vital rights of life, because to refuse to co-operate in the fulfillment of noble ideals and sacred Spiritual values is obviously to forsake our best yearnings and aspirations.

            The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE not only respects but actually defends the autonomy, traditions, doctrines and endeavors of all Religions, Fraternities and Philosophies, which adhere to the WORLD-WIDE BROTHERHOOD – COMMOMWEALTH OF MAN and true universal SPIRITUAL COMMUNION, and its historical record stands as its best justification. Actions speak louder than words, and there is no better form of Religion and Philosophy than UNSELFISH OR IMPERSONAL SERVICE.