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"You are the Temple of God"   Jesus

"Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you"...  Jesus

"Repel evil by what is better" ... Mahoma the Prophet

"Ye are God" . Saying of all true mystics

"Greater is he who conquers himself than he who conquers a thousand"... Lord Budha

"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others"...  Confucius

"Kindness is the source of wisdom, peace, justice and happiness"...  Pr. OM Schernrezig Lind

"What kind of religion or philosophy is that of people who cannot be true  friends and brothers of other individuals"    Pr. OM Schernrezig Lind

It is not enough to speak of peace, brotherhood, justice and truth. We must, above all, be peaceful, friendly, equitative and truthful. Self-righteousness, hatred, discrimination and foul play can never be the characteristics of a noble philosophy, genuine religion or commendable ethics.

Thus, we may sum up our own feelings and points of view, as well as the spirit of the Grand Assemblies of the PERMANENT WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, FRATERNITIES AND PHILOSOPHIES and the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.

Each new Grand Assembly constitutes a spiritual reaffirmation of principles, and a greater consolidation of the ideals of Human Brotherhood and Friendship on a sound basis of noble understanding, peaceful cooperation, unselfish assistance and mutual respect and protection. Thus, past errors are corrected, and all past grievances and disillusionments are set aside. By means of UNITED effort we solve standing problems and lay the foundations and the structure for a civilization characterized by Religious Teachings and Spiritual values which have been known for ages, but never been put into effective practice.

Of course, it is not enough to adopt decisions and sign pacts of agreement. We must become real exponents of the ideals and beliefs which we claim as God-inspired or heavenly gifts. We must, in fact, put as much will and energy in rendering our spiritual religious ideals and beliefs practical and effective as we put in defending them for, what do we gain by hurting, defiling, killing and excommunicating other people in the name of our sacred claims, if these do not prove their worthiness and effectiveness? Nay, the world does not need so much great defenders of doctrines and ideals as people who actually live them and abide by a respectable Code of Ethics.

As we stated repeatedly in our INVITATIONS, the Grand Assemblies constitute a real RENDEZ-VOUS AU CHAMP D´HONEUR DE L´ESPRIT. We come here to work, meditate, teach, heal, witness Divine Essentials of life, and bless to our heart's content. We come not to criticize or seek to impose ourselves on other people, but rather, to deserve the precious gift of Trust which is everybody's guaranty. Those who are not among us have preferred to ignore us, or to reject a grand opportunity to honor a noble cause. They refuse to partake in these grand confrontations of the Pure Hearts and noble souls, perhaps because they do not find among us any opportunity for self-glorification or to sell their wares. They should realize, however, that empty seats do not solve problems, prevent evils, or remedy ills, and  no one has the right to speak of Fraternity, Justice, Peace, Freedom or Spirituality if he or she refuses to prove worthy of it.

The prime objective of our Grand Assemblies, forsooth, is to prove the dignity of our Faith, the worth of our ideals, the meaning of our humanistic sense of life, and our appreciation of spiritual values. In this wonderful tournament each Delegate or Organization (Church, Fraternity, School of thought, mystical faith, philosophical academy, chivalrous order, or Spiritual Sanctuary) contributes his or its best, in utter willingness, noble endeavor, and supreme adhesion to Holy Spirit of righteousness.

Here, we all strive to prove that we are really religious, neighbourly, friendly, godly and spiritual, well realizing that our best justification lies in what we do, not in what we claim and boast.

The consecration of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE and the PERMANENT WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, FRATERNITIES AND PHILOSOPHIES is now functional, and more ever before we may state that there is no other way out of world conflicts, no other way to solve human problems.

A significant happening has come to demonstrate how important is our work, and how greatly it is being appreciated in all the latitudes of the world. Our previous General Report, which we called THE SPIRITUAL FRONT AND MORAL FORCES OF THE WORLD, has deserved such an appreciative welcome that we ran out of two successive editions, and if we had a million copies, they would not suffice to meet the demand. A Hindu sage writes: "Your comments are what humanity wants to hear. They constitute a genial masterpiece, because they prove to the world that what is needed today is not institutionalism, rule, or violence, but service, friendship, understanding and brotherhood". Another person in America writes: "The enormous importance of your accomplishments challenges all criticism. The world has never known such a spiritual pageant, and no greater service has ever been afforded to mankind. Your matchless efforts command universal admiration and gratitude, because it synthesizes in spiritual dynamics and ethical dimensions the sundry spirit of Moises, Pythagoras, Jesus, Budha, Krishna, Mahoma and Lao Tseu, with all its implications. Your work and your exposes unquestionably prove a source of Divine inspiration and higher most spiritual realization". Congratulations and effusive greetings such as these reach us every day. One other person writes: "The three hundred organizations which integrate the Universal Religious Alliance actually, constitute a 300 plates Cosmic Energy Plant, but yours are not simple solar rays, they are all-powerful Spiritual Rays. Indeed, your efforts make us wonder why people throughout the world cannot be Friends, why they cannot pull together and cooperate, so as to establish a civilization of true peace and spiritual values"

Such words would make us feel ashamed if we did not believe that we strive to deserve them. Now that so much is said about nuclear energy, peace and democracy, it is timely to speak of Goodwill and Service. If we all worked with the same eagerness to make Religion, Brotherhood and Philosophy work as we do to vaunt ideals and faith, the world no doubt be much better of. Our attitude toward present day world problems must need rest on the principles of the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT, because it is explicit and unquestionable. There is nothing left to interpretation and doubt about it. It stands for the fulfillment and consummation of noble ideals, religious precepts and spiritual realizations. World conflicts, problems, misery, needs, worries, violence and wars actually and consistently prove that there is still much undone in the present framework of the world, and all Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies still face terrible challenges which reveal their failures and impracticability. The great solution rests no doubt in the joint efforts of all people of Goodwill, with the contribution of the best of their convictions, feelings and potentialities, and this is what we are striving to accomplish. The demand of all mankind is, substantially, Goodwill, Respect, Service, Friendship, Brotherhood, and mutual protection.

No, there is nothing presumptuous in striving to break down the barriers which today separate Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies, because our aims are equally advantageous to all, and seek in no way to usurp the rights, to limit prestige or deny the claims of none. Our ecumenicity is founded on UNDERSTANDING, SERVICE and SPIRITUAL COMMUNION. To consort means, here, self respect and human dignity in all Divine and Spiritual implications.

The problems, needs and anguish of humanity call for a joint social and religious action, founded on a supreme moral, philosophical and spiritual significance which admits no hesitancy or irresponsible postponement. The time has come for conceptual and dynamic SYNTHESIS, not for indefinite, sterile and futile doctrinal analysis and proclamation. Unanimous decisions must reinforce conclusive concepts.

Such is, obviously, the consensus of adherents to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE and the PERMANENT WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, FRATERNITIES AND PHILOSOPHIES, as their attitude proves amply that they see God, Truth and Humanity everywhere, and that they want to serve God, Truth and Humanity above all, under any circumstance. Words such as these still echo in our ears and hearts: "We are here to be ourselves more than at any other time, and if we do not witness universal and eternal Truth, speak with God, and yield to humanity's need for welfare, it shall be only because we harbour personal conceptions and selfish designs which do not belong at all here". It is the Pr. OM Schernrezig Lind who thus expressed his vibrant, clear and decisive Spiritual Message. Do we need anything else to prove that our spiritual inspiration is not unlimited but matchless and unshakable?

This constitutes, no doubt, a spectacle today, when the whole world is still under the throes of war psychology and thinking in terms of land-possession, atomic and nuclear weapons, religious prejudice and intolerance, racial discrimination, and political violence. The most relevant part of it all is possibly the fact that we are a body constituted by people from all parts of the world, representing all known faiths, schools of thought, fraternal bodies, philosophical schools and Spiritual Sanctuaries under the sun. It is no wonder that we have often been called the SPIRITUAL REINFORCEMENT and the MORAL REHABILITATION movement of modern times.

Here, we seem to hear the scorching enjoinments of St. John 1,4,20,21 and St. Mathews 5,43,44. But in the Holy Scripts of all Religions we find practically the same Teachings, so it could not be so difficult to people of liberal purview like us to conclude that true Religion, Brotherhood and Philosophy must consist foremost in thinking correctly and in living wholesomely. All human problems stand, persist and prosper only because of the lack of ethical designs and moral strength of those who take part in them, and no amount of denunciation or admonition against them can be effective if we are not truly fashioned after the noblest convictions, ideals and yearnings.

The great Mission needed today, therefore, is that of educating and inspiring all people in a sense of complete freedom of conscience, purity of heart, benevolent attitude and friendly as well as brotherly co-operation in all the aspects of daily life. Truth shall make us free and God shall help us, no doubt, only if we prove worthy by means of Faith, Morality, Service and Compassion (Loving Kindness and charitable collaboration).

God is One, Universal and Eternal. So is Truth. If a reign of peace and love must come, let it not be partial, sectarian, clannish or conventional.

The multiplicity of Religions, Fraternities and Philosophies is by no means a discredit to human intelligence, or a disjunctive of confusion and criminal separativeness. We must realize that each individual as well as each organization or group of people has the right to his own experiences, purviews, modalities of conscience, and secret yearnings. Multiplicity is in no way an incriminating mark of offense or roguishness, as all tend toward Unity in matters of ethics and spiritual designs, and all believe that there is only ONE God and ONE Truth. People may differ in criterion, hope, purview and aspiration, but in the long run all tend to the selfsame goal. It is fundamentally cruel, therefore, to believe ourself unique, supreme, absolute in faith or aspirations and treat the rest of the world as despicable "pagans", "sheep", "goats", "sons of the devil", "vicious creatures" and what not, and if God an Truth were not to be found everywhere, even in the depth of those people and things which fanatics hate, vilify, decry, condemn, excommunicate or curse. The Tower of Babel and sinful conditions are permanent, no doubt, among those who deny other people the right to be inspired by God and to abide by the Truth in their own way. They fail to realize that God may have reasons of His own, and Truth has never been the exclusive property of any individual or corporation in particular.

Now, we have the privilege of disproving extreme sectarian claims and fanatical assertions which stand for self-righteousness and totalitarian exclusivism. Our Grand Assemblies present the miracle of interfaith, interfraternal and interphilosophical COOPERATION throughout the world, creating a climate of moral designs and a goal of spiritual dignity never known heretofore. Among us, the magic of freedom of conscience is neither a myth nor an unfulfilled promise or an unrealized ideal, since we all agree to guaranty each others well-being, peace, dignity and happiness by means of mutual respect, assistance and protection.

There is nothing closer to Divine Teachings and the Spiritual Realm, indeed as among us no one seeks to destroy or defile his neighbor, and none claims for himself rights which he denies to others. The GOLDEN RULE works to the advantage of all, and it is this universal spirit that is the noblest of all experiences, and the greatest instrument of Goodwill the world has ever known.

Our endeavors have become the inevitable yardstick throughout the world in all efforts to gauge the intensity of religious experience and the quality of spiritual attainments. Even our spirit set as a supreme example. This is so evident particularly in official spheres and international organizations, and it is the reason for the presence of a growing number of official observers from nations and governmental organizations, at our Grand Assemblies.

Needless to say, mystic-metaphysical organizations and church attendance boom in some countries cannot be considered as Spiritual awakening, as flocking throngs do not necessarily represent Divine qualities. This is so demonstrated by the fact that morality is everywhere on the decline, crude fanatical sectarianism increases, numerous Churches are empty most of the time, advanced churchmen are worried because of totalitarian incisiveness of church intolerance and virulence of dogmatism, growth of idolatry, fetishism, superstition and charlatanry, are proof enough that no matter how great is the prestige of Religion and democracy today, the world is still the stage and mechanism of a great mess, which so recalls what it is stated in Isaiah 8: 9-14, and again in Isaiah 62:12. Some people prefer to turn their back on foul reality, and yet incur in the insolence of believing and claiming openly that their God is the only true One, and their truth is supreme and matchless. Meanwhile, people lack adequate moral guidance and spiritual comfort.

We cannot omit a mention here which constitutes a great motive of admiration. We are the only organization in the world today that does not claim to be perfect, unique or absolute. Furthermore, we have the privilege of having the undivided cooperation of such prestigious groups as the Universal Union of Christian Churches and Communities, which stands for a United Christianity, the Maha Sangha or Great Buddhist Community, the Order of Islam, The Universal and United Masonry, the World Jain Academy, the Brahma Kumaris Institution, the Universal Gnostic Church, the Order of the Temple, the Association des Cathares et Occitans, the World United Spiritualist Movement, the International Humanist Association, the Int. Association for protection to refugees, Conscientious Objectors, sans patrie, political exiles and victims of racial intolerance and religious persecution, the Int. Naturist Society, and scores of other active groups which are earnestly interested in solving human problems and making life  worthwhile on this planet by means of a civilization founded on humanity´s dignity and spiritual values.

* * *

The 26th Grand Assembly held at Paris last October revised the themes and motions presented at the previous event which occurred in Rangoon, Burma, in April of this same year, and after studying them decided to approve them.


* * *

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