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Peace, Order, Abundanceand Happiness for All


NOTE by the Editors:

This Message was presented to a WORLD SPIRITUALIST CONGRESS held in Paris, Sept the 16th 1947, but was not read. It was rejected as “unfit and non-Spiritual, because it deals with political matters and is too offensive to certain groups of people and nations”.

It was then presented to CONGRESS OF THE GREAT UNIVERSAL WHITE BROTHEROOD, also held in Paris in October 1948. It was generally acclaimed as one of the greats documents ever written in favor of Human Wellbeing, World Understanding and Universal Peace. Thereupon a motion was presented before this great Assembly of Delegates from all quarters of the world, requesting that the author should be recommended as candidate for the 1949 Nobel Prize for Peace.


From: The Supreme Justification of Life. Maitreyanm. Koot Hoomi Lal Singh (Pr. OM Cherenzi Lind). Yearly World Spiritual Message, published originally by the Aghartha, 1948. Appendix II of the book. (Original in English)


            The face of the whole world is now being lifted. A civilization – crude, materialistic, fanciful and ominous – is falling into oblivion. Great nations are being eclipsed by new ones, which have emerged more powerful from the last (?) world war. The British Empire is in the process of liquidation. The specter of Communism has now become an Imperialistic menace, and the North American “arsenal of democracy” is emerging as the greatest contender to world hegemony in the realm of scheming nationalism.

            Great events are brewing. In fact, a New Age is ushering in. Now, we see the three year old UNO flickering and tottering, with hardly any strength, daring or hope, having as yet no backbone, no moral constitution and absolutely no spiritual structure or sense. It has a beauteous “Carta Magna of Peace” for the world, yet it is reluctant to underwrite the famous Atlantic Charter or to put in practice their Christian Gospel, Democratic principles or any of the well-known Codes of Ethics. The natural consequence of all this is that each nation prefers to light its own fights in its own way, regardless of the UNO.

            The world is in dire confusion, and humanity is wondering what will be next, war, “cold war”, “war of nerves”, or a “peaceless suspense”, or perhaps simply a fit of rage manifested in the form of atomic bombs and viruses sparingly strewn in the more densely populated regions on the earth, killing the greater part of humankind and banishing most existing man-made things without any notice. The great curse of the moment lies in the fact that even the so-called Democratic nations are not settled upon just what Democracy is. Each one question the others’ or at least these are not seen applied anywhere.

            Meanwhile, the defeated nations wonder whether it was worthwhile being vanquished for such a post-war chaos and infamy, and the victorious nations themselves question their right to victory. Morally and Spiritually, it is obvious that democracy has been treasoned. In most latitudes today, what is been paraded in the guise of democracy is deluded humanitarianism, downright totalitarianism fascism, or at least a fair semblance of devilish anti-social menace. Not only is democracy at variance in every other country, but even the UNO itself has been unable so far to draft the “Human Rights” which it is supposed to stand for Moral rights, and the Spiritual Powers seem to be lacking everywhere. The two great colossus of our day, America and Russia, want to impose their own concepts, caprices or whatever their policies stand and strive for, and the world knows not what to believe anymore. When someone speaks of stemming Communism in Greece and Turkey, it remains questionable whether it is not the Oil of the Eastern Mediterranean that is being defended, and likewise when the Russian speak of the dreadful evils of capitalism, they only mean to exploit economic and social problems in order to impose their own system of politics. As to which of the two contending schemes is better, we dare not voice our choice, because we cannot think of any one scheme being better or worse than the other. Russian communism boast in theory all the wonders of platonic idealism, including the right to work, rest and leisure, social security; education; political equality; freedom of worship, speech, press assembly, street processions and demonstrations; freedom from arbitrary arrest; the inviolability of the home and the privacy of correspondence. But these commitments are on paper only. No Russian dares speak his own mind, write or demonstrate against a government principle or policy, nor is he free even in his home, nor is his home his own at all. Private correspondence in Russia is pure fancy. Work is obligatory. Displacement from home and the breaking up of family is a current happening. Votation is a sham. Freethinking is a State offense, and traveling is rigorously curtailed.

            Western nations also have their own brand of “human Rights”, but these are no where taken seriously. Most people have never heard of them Civilized nations still thrive on primitive concepts of tribal taboos and totems. National barriers are enclosures for citizens, and no one can cross these national borders except with a “passport”, that is a tag. People are branded and numbered like cattle, and they may do this or that, go here or there, not according to their wishes, but as national policies determine. Political systems are the makers of life, thoughts and behaviors for citizens. In theory, these have their own “rights”, but the political group in power, holding the reigns of government in any nation is the one that tells people what to believe, what to do and what to cheer, and if they do not they are considered as traitors, enemies or agitators!

            People speak effusively of Brotherhood and welfare, however they are most elusive about it. They boast only the principles and rights, which they want others to abide by, and create systems, which deny other people the same privilege. The multiplicity of such systems is what makes Babel of this world.

            Just recently, President Truman warmly warned the nations and the whole world against suspicions. He said: “By dearly bought experience we have come to know that no nation can be secure as long as bigotry, suspicion and fear separate the peoples on the world. Nor can our defense of human dignity cease as long as any man, or any group of men, anywhere, goes in hunger and darkness for the lack of means to better himself. The penalties for neglecting the world´s areas of ignorance and ill will have no grown too heavy for civilizations to bear”.

            Wonderful words, indeed. Yet, right here in America racial discrimination is terribly strong, religious prejudice knows no end, commercial trusts are almighty, and no minority would ever be permitted to lift is head too high. Furthermore, Orientals are regarded as despicable creatures. We know of a great Oriental philosopher who is denied a Visa to enter the U.S.A. merely because he is a Buddhist. Besides, people from certain barred zones of Asia cannot be admitted in U.S. Territory, simply because they had the misfortune of being born in regions of the Earth which the U.S. Congress scorns and vilifies. God only would risk to say why? Would it no be better to practice democracy ere vaunting it so openly, so that the whole world may appreciate it in its working wonders, and not only in fantastic theory? Precisely, the great ills of the world radicate in this ominous fact, that people talk about wonderful ideals but never live up to them, or seldom take them seriously into consideration.

            So long as people have to grind their nose on such abstract concepts of nationality, and be herded around like cattle within geopolitical frontiers, being forced to live and behave according to a pattern, set down by those who control the mediums of authority and propaganda, or of finance, it is ludicrous to speak of LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY. Man is a victim and a slave of systems, which are thrust upon him, and none of the principles set forth in the Atlantic Charter nor any of the Freedoms boasted by President Roosevelt have as yet been guaranteed. They are beautiful symbols of hope, but without effective validity.

            It is a downright shame that nations should recourse to destructive warfare in order to settle their differences. They should be amenable to a World Court to settle their problems in the same manner that they expect their citizens to abide by the law. This would mean the enthronement of an International Law, and the establishment of a World Court. There is nothing wrong with that, only all nations would have to give up a little of their jealously guarded sovereign powers. Yet, the mainspring of the question would still remain aloof… We ask, by what Moral Right and on what Spiritual Powers? The UNO certainly have neither. Can the Big Nations impose a Moral right, and create a Spiritual power on the sheer implication of their economic and military might?

            Nay! Moral right is not a political fabrication, and neither is Spiritual Power the offspring of any group scheme. Likewise, individual rights are sacred and inalienable and should not be abrogated by decree or law. In fact, they belong to the soul of man, and they can be expressed only through education. To believe otherwise would be to endorse democratic dictatorship or dictatorial democracy, according to geographic latitudes. What we must realize, indeed, is that humanity is ailing through super organization and excess of codification. No one seems interested in solving problems, but, rather in complicating them.


            This condition is bound to solve economic and social problems, and since no one would try to boss the next the next fellow, or to rob anyone, there would be no distrust, intolerance, or lust for power, or self-sufficiency. Then all humanity would live harmoniously, not subject to the impositions of religious orthodoxies or to the “raison d’états” which are only “political party interest”, or the odious scheming of nefarious secret groups.

            Is it not high time that we begin living decently, and making the world safe for true Freedoms? Without lyrical preambles, we should set out to create our own safety zone with the fullest amount of economic and social security, justice and wellbeing. No Group or Society can do this alone, and no nation either can accomplish such a momentous conquest. It must be above clannish schemes and national exclusivism, beyond “international Policies” and “power alliances”; it must be a Universal Union of Free People bonded in a unique Spiritual interest and guaranteed by the Moral right that has its foundation in the essence of life. That is, indeed, what we mean by UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION.

            The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION is a Worldwide Congress and Commonwealth of Free People, where everyone upholds and promotes the basic Human Right to live honestly, in tolerance and fellowship through mutual consideration, and respect, no one better, superior or mightier than the other fellow, and no one trying to impose on any other in any way, but rather, seeking to make life a wonderful enterprise of happiness and mutual success. We champion human dignity and decency above all, and we safeguard these principles without distinction of race, nationality, creed or class. Consequently, we strive to turn back the tide of mutual distrust and hatred, to discourage unfair discrimination in economics, in society, in race or in religion, and we actually unite all groups in their fair play of noble ideals to the advantage of all in an identical manner and degree.

            The PRACTICAL IDEALISM, which has lead us consistently for years of success in our calling in behalf of Humanity, above all sectarian dogmas political platforms, national frontiers, and other kind of inhuman, undemocratic and anti-spiritual discrimination, is what places us so far above all other organization of all sorts, and it is this that confers upon us such a unique Moral Right and Spiritual Power. We speak little, but accomplish a lot.

            The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION does not stage theatrical demonstrations of any kind, and neither does it make any claim whatever in regard to its virtues and accomplishments. It prefers to let facts speak for themselves. It remains obvious that it is the only Benevolent Charitable, Educational, Mutualist and Cultural organization that really HELPS and PROTECTS its Fellow-Partners, or Members to extents beyond the shadow of their own doors, for such a transcendental purpose, it claims no Divine privileges, and neither does it require expensive armadas, atomic bombs, prisons or other means of crushing violence.

            The fact is the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION imparts FREE education, cultural entertainment, economic assistance, social security service and moral safeguard. Furthermore, it extends a legal protection over all its Fellow-Associates, as well as Spiritual Protection, because it actively enforces – and struggles for – the HUMAN RIGHTS, which it proclaims as the Universal fundamentals of decent and dignified livelihood.

            That is perhaps better understood when we consider that we have our own AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE, COLONIES, our own NEW AGE SOCIAL MUTUAL CREDIT SYSTEM, our own INTERNATIONAL PASSEPARTOUT or Passport, our own PREVENTIVE MEDICAL attention and Method of Vibrant and Healthful living, and our own PLAN OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL REHABILITATION. Furthermore, all our Fellow-Members are Co-Partners-for-profit in our Commonwealth Corporation, and as much as we can ascertain, we are a Congress or Parliaments of Man, composed of Free People, peace-loving, wholesome CITIZENS OF THE UNIVERSE.

            Our Corporation is legally organized and registered in most countries, and where it is not it list Statesmen, College professors, and professionals in all the liberal arts and business endeavors. Above all, we are a BROTHERHOOD. The motto ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL is as vivid and effective among us as it could ever be. Those who would think and behave selfishly should not even approach us. Now, is it not to your advantage to adhere to such a Corporation?

            The more of us, or like us gathering, the better it will be for us all. The more we are, the more likely will it be that we can make our Moral Rights respected, and our Spiritual Powers affective. As you may have surmised by now, we impose no allegiance or absolute Oath, and we do not expect people to swear any new loyalty. Those who adhere to the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION do so without reservation and without fear or reprisals from any sphere. We are neither for nor against any established RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL system. We only stand for Human Rights, Universal Principles, Moral Imperatives and Spiritual Values.

            People who feel FREE in mind and heart, yet suffer, who are sick or who are subject to economic stress, uncertainty and injustice or social iniquities, or who feel lost in the midst of Universal quandaries should some to us. It does NOT cost them anything.

            Furthermore, remember this: WE DO NOT ASK ANYONE TO CONTRIBUTE MONEY, or anything Fellow-Members do not pay any Dues. They only contribute FREEWILL OFFERINGS, DONATIONS or BEQUEST.

            Only Active Members pay regular monthly Dues, and this is only for our Economic Habilitation Plan, and it is not obligatory.


            Have you ever given any thought to the tragic need of the modern man, that is, PLANING FOR SURVIVAL?

            The fact is that world conditions are so tragic, and problems grow incessantly so acute, that soon it will be a good proposition to revert to primitive life, seek a dwelling on distant uncivilized Island shores, or strive to make a living among the people whom we deem “savages”, because they are not as yet accursed by the so-called wonders and conquests of material civilization.

            It is no mere figure of speech to state that Western civilization stands today in the supreme crisis of its existence. Truly enough, never before has there been a time in history when the potentialities of man for creative living and total destruction have been so clamorous or ranged in such violent conflict. Modern man has conquered science but not his own nature. Now, we stand on the threshold of two futures; either humanity chooses to destroy the world by means of scientific warfare commandeered by the lowest of beastly passions under the guise of religious civilization and material ambitions, or our species takes to Moral Rights and Spiritual Values and starts on creating a New Civilization, a Way of Living in consonance with the better side of our nature.

            In the first instance some of us, disgusted with the delusions, commonly boasted as civilization would prefer to revert to forests, and bed Simians to let us share their happy methods of peaceful life. In the second instance, it is still the only recourse of honest people to strive for what they would live for, or indulge in some degree at sacrifice for what they deem as the best or only noble design of life. In both cases, it is up to the individuals to take things into his own hands, make his own choice and strive heartily for what he deems honest and ennobling.

            Not to do anything about the present predicament of man, is preposterous. We might as well commit suicide, and it is nothing else when we let any petty criminal emerge as a national figure and become an absolute dictator, or when we permit ignorant plebs to organize into cells and become the facile mobstering victims of rabble-rousers, saboteurs and insurrectionists.

            The world is fast changing. Old Institutions are being overhauled, and new concepts must need be taken into consideration. The age old struggle between Right and Evil is about épuisé, and entirely new principles come into play. Spiritual forces, economic techniques and social realizations heretofore unsuspected are annihilating the old propositions of theologian schemes. A new consciousness is arising, a new man with Cosmic Consciousness is taking position in the world, and, above all, a New Age is ushering in. all this should suffice to lead us to understand that we can no longer think in terms of yesteryears’ ruthless methods and fancy lords. This New Age requires an entirely new approach to the needs of man, and we must solve human problems for our own sake. We cannot expect these to be solved vicariously, and if we do not exert ourselves in our own behalf we certainly do not deserve to be freed of the ailments, miseries and torments which we confront.

            The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION was created precisely to serve as a haven and vehicle for all such people who would Free themselves from these menaces of civilization, as well as for those who, in a Congress and Commonwealth of Man, strive to obviate the complications and limitations which are usually encountered in national systems and minor organizations. Our´s is a worldwide Corporation, unhampered by petty localism and incidental conditions.

            One outstanding fact at this crucial moment of history is that we cannot keep on with schemes of selfish design, or of self-centered isolationist. Some Societies and Movements, as well as Churches and clans are more interested in their own particular schemes and growth, than in the principles and ethics, which they claim to harbor. He truth is that most organizations uphold principles and boast a set of ethics only to suit certain unconfessed personal designs.

The chaos now prevalent everywhere, and the imperatives of the arising New Age command that we all be sensible and practice MUTUALISM. In fact, COOPERATIVISM is the keynote of the New Age. As someone has already hinted, either we STAND UNITED, OR WE FALL DESTROYED BECAUSE OF DISSUNITY!

            Certainly, there is no sense in bolstering up an organization of lighting far an ideal, if it is but a local limited or circumscribed affair. Ideals are Universal, Eternal. If we speak of Spiritual Values, they are the very Essentials of Life, and these know no frontiers, dogmas or limits, except human ignorance, and ignorance breeds lust, greed and metaphysical delusions.

            This Convention must realize that there is no time to lose, and that there is no better time for a good enterprise like NOW.

            We do not wish to be too zealous. Yet we realize some of you would like to indulge in further fancy, and plan new schemes. This same idealistic sham has been going on for ages. What we need NOW is ACTION TOWARD A PRACTICAL IDEALISM, and there is nothing to scheme and plan about this. It is already afoot, long past the blueprint stage, and well ahead in its enactments. It would be preposterous to ignore what is already being accomplished along these lines, and set out toward a fancy Golden Fleece.

            This Convention must realize that the world is not at the mercy of emergency expedients, or that it is definitely in the clutches of dark forces and ruthless elements of violence and absolute tyranny. The world is replete with different forces, and most of these antagonize each other. But we do not wish to side with, or hold brief for any of these contending forces. We prefer to work with Moral Rights and Spiritual Powers and Values.

            We have called this enterprise of ours the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, and it is a smaller Vehicle of the GREAT UNIVERSAL WHITE BROTHERHOOD. It is, therefore, the dynamics of Universal Consciousness in harmonious conjunction with the better aspects of Human Consciousness. That is why, precisely, we call our Fellow-Member- Partners-Friends, UNIVERSAL CITIZENS, and we stand for the newer Humanity, the rehabilitated or Cosmic Man.

            Our Corporation is legally registered in most civilized countries, and we have already duly established 33 different Sections and 14 Delegation. Over 900.000 individual Member enjoy our benefits, and 137 different Societies have adhered, with a total Membership of many millions of earnest souls.

            Some of you folks already query mentally as to who are the directors of this Corporation. Now, why should we care about PERSONALITIES? Is not this curse of “personalism” the worse evil the human species has withstood? Did not all the great problems of the world arise around some “personality”? It is high time that we scrap personalism and rely exclusively on IDEALS, UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES, and ETERNAL SPIRITUAL VALUES. So long as we feel any reluctance in this direction we will remain in the red, tortured by our own moral liabilities, and enslaved by the scourges of a devilish livelihood produced by common human ignorance.

            The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION is above all “isms”, and we refuse to be shackled down by this or that system of politics or religion. Whatever you decide at this Convention, we remain attentive, and we will do what is better toward Human Wellbeing. We will not condescend to new forms of confusion. We know that someone among you would merely COOPY the U.S.U. and make of it a well controlled affair among yourselves. This is utterly ludicrous.

            The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION is open to all, and the leaders with abilities will find their place among us, waiting for them. We may of course be COPIED, but we well never be substituted. It takes talent to COPY; but only genius can create. We have created a foundation for the New Age Civilization, and we trust that all earnest devotees of Truth, Human Welfare and Self-betterment will come to us and constitute a still greater UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, because our circle is infinite and we embrace all earnest and free people with the wings of the Heart and the Mind, on all the planes of life.

            May me have the opportunity of welcoming you to the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION soon.

June 15Th 1947

Kut Humi Lal Singh

Chairman of the Ecumenical Council