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Scientific Integral Yoga


This is perhaps “Your” chance of a lifetime. So be sure to make the right decision NOW!

Obviously, progress is fast nowadays. The SCIENTIFIC AND SPIRITUAL SYNTHESIS is at hand. But it is neither a form of new faith, a mystic fad, a syncretization of religions, or a metaphysical “Ye Ye”.

We also present this starling New Age scientific Self-conditioning and educational process in the form of a popular version, known as INTEGRAL SCIENTIFIC YOGA. Needless to say, this has no similarity to or connection with any other form of fancy, mystical and religious “yoga”, since we follow the wonderful concepts and precepts of Dr. Alexis Carrel, Prof. Louis Fouillé, Dr. John White, Count de Nouie and the latest discoveries in biology, heredity, biodynamics and higher mathematics.


Of course, true INTEGRAL YOGA must be SCIENTIFIC, and only then can it be really safe, effective, trustworthy and commendable. That is why precisely we are legally protected by International COPYRIGHT against all unscrupulous imitations.


Enroll immediately. Our Courses are prepared in three different forms, v.g. for ladies, for gentlemen, and for young folks. We also have Special Courses for the Medical profession, and specifically for Professional purposes, besides an INTENSIVE BIODYNAMIC, High Potential, Three Month Self-Restoring Process for ladies and gentlemen. Then, also, we have a High Fidelity Dynamic Self-Fitness Course of 12 Minutes per day specially designed for busy and uneasy people.

TRY . . . without delay any of these Courses. YOU may safely trust our SERVICE, and rest assured that THE GOOD RESULTS alone make our magnificent reputation and unique prestige; they constitute our best propaganda.

* * *

SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA is guaranteed. This is positively the most marvelous discovery of all the ages as it deals in THE REHUMANIZATION AND RESPIRITUALIZATION OF MAN.

This is now possible, at will and in the privacy of the home. Unquestionably the answer to the excessive, abusive, unreasonable mechanization and denaturing of people. Through it the DIGNIFICATION OF HUMANHOOD becomes a reality, as it promotes body health and vigor, sound mental functions, balanced psychoemotions, and youthful happy living. It increases the Human Capital, develops innate individual powers.

You are among the fortunate few who NOW are within reach of the privilege to develop your self more completely, as well as the capacity to tap cosmic energy and live in harmony with the greater powers of the universe, which belong to all people – but only a select number will really dare to take advantage of it, and live more fully.

The Science of Self-control, Auto conditioning and Physico-Mental energizing constitutes the foundation of real character building, personality development and the attainment of a greater, more significant human destiny is unique. It actually corrects biogenetic and mental dysfunctions, banishes fatigue and surmenage, eliminates anxiety and timidity, and also eradicates fear, liberates from psychological complexes, worry, inhibitions and oppressive limitations. In fact, it enfolds astonishing new biospiritual powers, brings more zest for living, and also adds pep to your youth and life to your years.

FORGET THE PAST: start a vigorous and prosperous new cycle of life.

SIMPLI TRY IT, AND YOU WILL BE CONVINCED – you will love and continue with it during your whole lifetime. JUST TRY, you owe this much to yourself, and then you shall never regret it, nor have any motive for doubting.

THIS IS PERHARPS “YOUR” CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. You may not have another opportunity. USE IT!

This sort of Research and Practice is not to be obtained anywhere else, because we hold the exclusive rights of “Discovery and authorship”. SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA is not only an educational method but also the Trade Mark for the International COPYRIGHT. Its beneficiaries now number numerous thousands in every continent, but it could only be a Blessing if they were millions to share such an extraordinary discovery. – Nobody can really do without a teaching of such practical significance that applies equally to people of all races, faiths, nationalities and social conditions, regardless of background.

SHOULD YOU BE INTERESTED in starting one of these vital Courses kindly let us know. We will be glad to help you by facilitating the payments. But remember: SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA has nothing to do whatever with any sort of mystic fad, oriental magic, or modern contorsionism which go under the guise of “yoga”, “yoguism”, “Hatha Yoga”, and what not.

Members of all the Cultural, Fraternal, Spiritualist, Religious, Philosophical and Naturist organization under Contract with us may obtain these extremely important as well as interesting Courses completely FREE.