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Barcelona, 3rd of August, 1966

Mrs. Elsie G. SANDERS
Altadena, Calif., USA

Beloved ONE

Sister and Disciple


No news from you recently. Thanks for the document. But how are you of health? I trust the little birdies tell you nice stories, and give music to your sunshine.

Out here, no news to mention. The Madrid folks seem to have forgotten me. They didn’t even send me a Health Assistance Card to which they say I was entitled as a Refugee. Maybe I do not rate their kindness not being a christian of their brand. It is most inhuman, though, as we wrote them telling them I had an accident and needed hospital care which I cannot afford otherwise, and they have not answered in over a month.  Neither have they answered two other letters. Well, maybe they’ll classify my case, as in Amsterdam, Holland in 1962, and let me wait. That is democracy, civilization and the decomposed sort of christianity they are now serving to the world, those who most brag about their Divine powers.

I really have deep doubts about the Church World Service. Their man here who interviewed me, or gave a sort of third degree (illegible) some language. His interviews with me, anyway, were rather like an inquisition TRIAL, in which I was being the suspicious character, or accused or something which they did not dare tell me.  Maybe mi crime consists in being alive.

Well, if I ever was elected Secretary General of the UN I can assure the whole wide universe that I would clean up that messy thing, and would begin by kicking out all the playboys and stuffy diplomats who toy with world peace and human dignity like silly puppets.

I am eager to get somewhere and resume home life. I also need to restore myself to the teaching work. I miss so much my University, my Sanctuary, my Museum at Havana. I am eager to resume my anthropology lectures at the University, and also all those lessons on ancient civilizations, spiritual tradition, Cosmobiology, etc. as I am now it is like a fish out of water.

I was just wondering if the World Church Service people refuse to do me the service of the Health Card because they are jealous of my world, or of my personality. It is most sad to judge these people thus, but facts are facts. I gave them the benefit of the situation, but they are not at all charitable toward me. Or are they simply confused?

One thing is sure. If America does not comply, this time I am not going to just sit compassionately.  I´ll go where I may be treated like the decent human that I am and always have been. Just heard Pres. Johnson talking high on American culture. I wonder what they are waiting to attend to my work and my person. Or is it all easy talking like the famous claim that all Cubans have a home in America? I am a Cuban, but boy they don’t make it easy or even possible for me to be “home”. I am fed up with believing in democracy when democracy fails me so much.

But let us not lose patience, after all. They are only human, and not of the best category at that. They may yet wake up.

In this meantime, let us keep on working hard. Gog Bless you and all the birdies around there. With my purest thoughts and Blessings.