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 A worldwide spiritual victory loan

Let us face and meet our needs



Those troubled modern times thrive on money. Without money hardly anything can be done. And, above all, in order to meet modern ways of living, we must dispose of ample funds for propaganda purpose.

Without propaganda, a wonderful cause is, nowadays, a lost cause, because if it is not known, it is ignored. Furthermore, the big Press and the Radio concerns are in the hands of rich consortiums, which control markets and ideas by favoring only the kind of utilities, which appeal to them, or that are convenient to their secret designs. Thus, the world is not FREE, and neither is human Conscience, since there is a system of robust tyranny subsisting everywhere. Man is enslaved by interested and hardly ever truthful PROPAGANDA

Now, the SANGHA needs to diffuse its Message of Winsome Philosophy, its wholesome Dynamics, and in order to meet modern demands we must dispose of ample funds. Will we find the adequate help? Or, better still, will some rich persons find us?

Money means only as much as it can valorize, and if we can use it to great advantages of Service and Spiritual enfoldment, it can be a blessing. No money is worth the trouble of having if it is hoarded, or cast in jewels that denounce our vanity and lower passions.   Money can be wonderful if it is a means of creating better conditions of life.

We know that many – too many – people have a lot more money than they really need. To most people, their riches are enemies of their own health and happiness. But the SANGHA has developed a plan so that nobody with a well-meaning soul, or eager to Serve Universal Truth, may land us some of their surplus money. They can of course bequeath us their riches when they pass on, since they cannot take their wealth with them beyond the grave --- threshold of Eternal Life. But they certainly can invest their money, without risking the loss of it, and without having to give it away either.

People have contributed lavishly to governments for war purposes. Now, why not contribute a little toward PEACE, not in the traditional political way, but as the Guiding Souls of the World propose to?

We will gladly give further details to sincere inquirers. Non-members should send us a Goodwill Offering, in token of trust.

Remember this. The SANGHA is an organization of Freethinkers, Artists, Social Leaders, Scientists, and Religious people, bent on the purpose of MUTUAL WELFARE, and to solve all problems affecting man.   Our enterprise is definitely a private one, and of an educational type, as well as for bio psychological rehabilitation. Furthermore, our SOCIAL SECURITY SERVICE is a unique process of preventive medicine, moral uplift, economic habilitation, cultural assistance and orientation, and Spiritual protection, which brings man’s best Ideal and yearning to a plane of practical realization.


Our motto has been for Twenty-eight Century: ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE. Let us keep it up!

Which do you prefer, the selfish way of living, or the Enlightened one that is the source of Happiness and Powers of the Cosmic Man? We have a great Message for YOU. Call on us and we will reveal unto you secrets which are more effective than all the gold of the world when it comes to matters of the Heart and the Spirit.

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig