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PRIMAVERA                                             Abril 7, 1961 … 2009…

AL SERVICIO de Dios, de la Verdad, de la Humanidad y de la Regla de Oro de Amor, Rectitud y Sabiduría. Por encima de prejuicios, imparcial, no mercantil, no político y no proselitista.

Internacionalismo en el plano humano,
Ilimitados en conceptos e ideología,

Infinitos en visiones y aspiraciones, y
Universianos en asuntos espirituales.



We advocate, since our establishment in 1908, and through our basic Members since longer before, such principles as: FREE TRADE among all the people, SELF-DETERMINATION for all the nations, and FREEDOM of travel, Conscience, Thought, (concept), Livelihood (work, private enterprise and private ownership of the result of work) and Expression (profession, communication and speech) for all human people.

Need we stress the fact that we are adamant and unshakable when such principles of our devotion are at issue? Our historic record is our best justification, and, we may proudly add, we have never compromised with the antagonic forces, because we are endowed with a very special vocation for the Divine Laws of Universal Nature as well as for the innate needs of Humanity.

We believe, indeed, that the wielding of the curse of CENSORSHIP, the denial of VISAS, and the CONFISCATION of mail and private property, are as brutal and contemptible as the worse type of police repression and political oppression. In fact, when people are abused and trampled upon in the name of either religion or democracy, of the crown or of the cross, of this or that social potentate, religious pontiff, or successful magnate of industry, we believe it is well nigh time to revise our Codes of Ethics, and to question our vaunted Moral tenets, as well as all our basic notions on philosophical or civilized ways of life.

When people are accused of being DEVILS, SONS OF HELL, BLACK MAGICIANS, COMMUNISTS, ANTISOCIAL CHARACTERS, GOATS, VILE PUTREFACTION, CORRUPT PARASITE ,etc., etc., simply because they love the truth and strive for a better way of life, or because they want to be free and respectable according to their own conscience and concepts, we may safely affirm that either our nation or the world, or both, are suffering a sort of serfdom that all the Treatises on Jurisprudence should promptly be reconsidered ere such evils and monstrosities proliferate beyond intelligent control. What has this world come to, after so many centuries of inevitable religious teachings and tutoring, and compulsory political rule and training?

The right of people to choose their own form of government, of individual to travel and work freely and of nations to self-determination is now highly questioned by the mightier nations which claim to be full-fledged christian and democratic systems of life. In countries like the Congo, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba and Algeria freedom-loving people are treated like vicious characters, and called “communists”, as if people had definitely lost their privilege of freedom of conscience and of thought. Is it really COMMUNISM to seek to live on a basis of better social condition, with a genuine economic security, or under Budha and Muhammad instead of under the Christ of warmongers, colonialists and vice lords? Nowadays, when the people want to elect their own government they are persecuted, such as happens in Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Cuba, Algeria and the Congo.

Why is it not a sacred principle, or even tolerable to be either Chinese, Jew, Arab, Russian, Christian, communist, American, spirits or agnostic if it is the choice of people’s conscience and cultural aspiration? —Why are not people educated to be free, peaceful, dignified, and prosperous, regardless of doctrines, creeds, or parties? Why must people be either American or Christian, or French, or Belgian, simply because some powerful nations so dictate without consulting the interested parties?

Such practices only contribute toward greater divisionism among people and nations. America “has decided to help the rebels of “X” nation in their fight against communism” we hear almost every day. But this only forces people to choose between America and her allies, and the communist world. This sort of procedure recently threw Cuba into the arms of the socialist block, in order to avoid starvation and complete strangling, and now Algeria, Vietnam, Laos and the Congo are forced to belong to either side, using force, of course, to make them prefer the American way of life. The principle as well as the right to choose is, therefore, questionable and very vague. There is, indeed, an exertion of force and compulsion that thrusts people either way, or when the military might is more effective. What kind of civilization is this new process to provoke in the near future? Will there ever be ONE great, harmonious, brotherly humanity? Or, rather, will the world be re-ordained according to the results of mighty entities? In ultimate analysis, what can small nations do when confronted by threats of mightier countries? And what can unarmed individuals do, also, to save their integrity, or their skin, when dictated to by ruthless tyrants or crude military neighbors? All this proves indeed, that there is an obvious reversion to jungle law, and neither culture nor religion will have a mite of influence in the test of the opposed forces of crude and vicious materialism. If the future is to be anything like this, may the cosmic forces come to the rescue of mankind and eradicate the warmongers before it is too late.

Must we conclude, indeed, that the reign of brutal violence and ruthless rule has come to stay, and that people must choose between being WARDS and SERFS of domineering gangs or parties? Shall all mankind be forced to pray either in Latin or in American, and dance rock n’ roll and drown in whiskey besides indulging in money chasing and all sorts of degrading vices under the dictates of Marines and bomb-carrying politicians? All this really worth living for? Is that the marvels of latter-day christianism?

Now, is modern civilization really as good as it purports to be? Is life as wonderful as we would like to believe amid the proliferation of vicious tyrannies, monstrous gangsterisms and prestigious systems of superstition, vice and exploitation of man by man? Is there, indeed, anything worth saving in this modern “way of life” under the menace of totalitarian ideologies and ominous militarism? What is to become of mankind in the near future while vicious colonialism and brutal political domineering attain peeks of prosperity in the Congo and in the totalitarian democracies, and threaten to rule portentously in Laos, Cuba, Vietnam, Algeria and other small countries? What of the wonders of christianism in South Africa and North America where racial discrimination is enforced by means of barbarian methods which should make the gods shudder and reveille that of the Lumumbas and the Trujillos, Mobutus, Tsombes and Duvalliers? What about the menace of nuclear bombs, intercontinental missiles, space jets and sputniks which reveal untold scientific perfection and precision amid absolute lack of morality and spiritual dignity? What of that stupid practice of CENSORSHIP, which is the supreme recourse of villainous rulers who are afraid of the power of well informed minds and free-thinking souls?

The theme of censorship is bound to deserve our main consideration here, for it is about time that mankind knows clearly in what consists the worse enemy of civilization and the dignity of human personality. CENSORSHIP is, indeed, the best evidence that a nation or a potentate wants to rule by any means, and this is nothing but TYRANNY, an ominous form of oppression, as it deprives tie human being of his most vital attributes such as FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE, FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, etc, etc, etc, which are a “birthright” and “inalienable right” according to some Constitutions.

CENSORSHIP is villainous because it is an invisible weapon weilded by a roguish power which does not bear its name and refuses to be criticized. It is, even at best, ANTIRELIGIOUS, ANTIDEMOCRATIC, and ANTISPIRITUAL because it denies people the right to information, integral education, culture, and the WORLD—wide Brotherhood of Man. It also transforms human beings into simple zombies and zealots.

CENSORSHIP is the same whether practiced in America or in Paraguay, in Venezuela or Peru, in the UN managed Congo or Santo Domingo, in Guatemala or Formosa, in Italy or France, or anywhere else, as it is an admission that people are illiterate, or must remain without culture, or are so uneducated that they cannot think for themselves or discriminate between right or wrong. Certainly, evil, deceitful and dogmatic propaganda which poisons the mind of people does exist. But it should be counteracted by means of better information, not by condemning people to be blank-minded, mentally white-washed. Adequate INFORMATION is the best auxiliary of good education, and the most powerful weapon of genuine democracy. CENSORSHIP is the roguish recourse of these who want to rule by any means, even by the right of MIGHT, or by imposing their brand of exclusive democracy and religion on the rest of the world. CENSORSHIP is best mean to establish a special way of life for well couched stupidity.

Pr. Lind

“If I am wrong in my views and statements, please do correct and straighten me. Do not get into a fit of fury and insult, excommunicate or murder me, as then you shall be a vicious creature”.

“If I make a mistake, please do help me. Do rot rush to brutalize me, as then the whole world will believe that you are a brute.

If my abilities prove small and inadequate, please do assist me. Do not injuriate me, as people will think that you are ill—tempered, ill—educated and a cad.”

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig

Barcelona, 6th of August, 1966


Sister and Disciple


Well I thought I would add a few remarks for that answer you are to make to this Church Service. Please be careful in your expressions, because we want to remain on good terms with them.

But we must clearly tell them that I have never had the slightest intention of crushing the U.S. immigration laws, or to tell anyone what to do. I simply requested if my residence was possible. But inasmuch as I am a refugee, having a rather hard time like all displaced and exiled people all over the world, it is only natural that I AM A LITTLE IN A HURRY, AND THAT I DISLIKE ALL DELATORY MEASURES, HAVING NO TIME TO LOSE.  Tell them clearly that I feel discriminated and that after so many questionnaires and insistent details on my life and private thought I cannot but feel subject to inquisition methods. Above all, we must realize that I am not an ordinary person; I am a victim of political persecution, and without a legal home. I am a highly cultured person and also a leader in many ways in world affairs. This is why I hold the belief that I should not be treated like any simple emigrant. If it is so difficult to admit me into the States, I earnestly believe that in a week’s time we have ample opportunity to find out if this individual is admissible or not. So why two long months already, after having responded to three questionnaires? Are all the political refugees treated with identical slowness and parsimony? Are all the Cubans who land in the States also subject to excruciating questionnaires, inquests and demands as to on what they are going to live? I am not exactly a beach roamer or a long haired bum. Or must they be further inquisitional so as to discover a motive for giving me a flat refusal? If this is the aim, I´d sooner have it straight. We must be human, after all. (Say all this, but always in the way that it is me who is responsible for the expression, not you).

Looks like we are getting somewhere, anyhow. I am glad of this letter of the World Church. If you do see them, although you don’t have to, speak as little as possible, and make clear that I feel like being treated unfairly. At least this is my impression, and also that of my many friends throughout the world.

But what news on your side? You do not write, so you must be busy. I trust your mother is now much better of health. Please let me know.

Let us cheer up, and do things well, and all will be alright, I am absolutely certain.

Best wishes and receive y my purest Blessings


Shernrezig or Cherenzi

By: Dr. Mario Roso de Luna

Wizard of Spiritual strength; Master of Wisdom; Word of Sagacity; Maker of Cultures; Guiding Genius of Civilizations; Instigator of a Modern Spiritual Renaissance. All these is this divine one, whom no one can listen to in real sincerity without learning to love him and to recognize in him a genuine guardian spirit imbued with the divinity of mystic and universal being.

I gave spent hours of time with him in intimate conversation, when a man cannot deceive another, and I have heard him discussing all the questions relating to the reasoning capacity of the human mind, which is equivalent to the expression of intelligence IN ONESELF and THROUGH ONESELF, which can leave no place for doubt nor false impressions in a mind which, like mine, is accustomed to demand exactness as well as the beautiful and sublime.

I have seen in him all the qualities which one would wish to find in a true Master of Wisdom, in an Arahat, a Buddha, or a Christ. And what is more, I have seen him always promoting, promulgating, pointing out and even inspiring new values in the inner being. All his teachings, in fact, turn on the expression of the qualities of the inner being, which are found in one only in a potential state, but which must be called forth and made to assume exterior expressions by means of the evaluation of the many and varied exigencies of life. For this reason, when he is preaching, he preaches only as the Word, which exalts and brings out and expresses values, which awakens conscience, all the values lying buried in the Universal Consciousness in the form of life materials.

I made is acquaintance during a trip in the environs of Madrid. I found him resting at the side of the road. He seemed to me to be transparent, almost luminous. His face seemed to speak to me, it imparted to me in silence a kind of mysterious message without words which took shape while I looked at him. I could not speak before him. I guessed that I stood in the presence of more than a mere man. His figure was that of a man´s, but it sent forth subtle and mysterious irradiations, so to speak, invisible, intangible rays, which might have been those of sympathy, but which transcended all that is merely corporeal and human. There was in him much of a rolling sublimity and a moving Universality. He seemed to me at some moments to be all the Universe incarnate.

He chatted. He spoke in Spanish, but I noted that it was not his native tongue. I thought he was a Moor, but also one could have mistaken him for a Spanish American. He knew Portuguese. He spoke Italian and French. German and English were entirely familiar to him. And I noted in him from almost the first moment a deep understanding of human history, of the happenings of earth from time immemorial. Human nature seemed to keep from him none of its secrets, since he showed that he understood more of psychology, of relativity, religion, and of philosophy, than many men who specialize in those subjects. A formidable critic, employing the most subtle irony, he showed himself to possess an unusual gift of genius and an exceptional capacity for analysis, and imagination.

After our first interview, which lasted six hours, we saw each other often in Madrid, where he found a safe retreat. Here he continued his worldly activities with the principal personages in politics, the world of society and of science, as much in Europe as in America and Asia in general, which could do no less than amaze me since I was permitted to see the wide extent of the influence of this simple and humble man of the penetrating glance and the long board, who nevertheless seemed no older than 33 years.

Thus I began a close friendship with this extraordinary personage. I have known in person many unusual people, among other Mathers, Hartmann, Lytton, Eliphas Levi, Papus, Blavatsky, Besant, the Count of Cuaita, the Counts of Proctor, but altogether they could not have impressed me so much as this wanderer without a fatherland nor a famous name. Undoubtedly, one was not dealing with a mere human being. It is only at the end of three years, after having kept in contact with him and various initiating institutions in Egypt, Tibet, China and India, that y succeeded in understanding something about him with some degree of certitude.

I knew, for instance, that he is worshipped as a Master in all these initiating institutions. From many countries – Argentine, Belgium, Germany, Cuba, Mexico, Australia and England – I received news of his activities, all different and almost as if intended to thwart every attempt to find out who he is and where he is from.

I understood, because of all this that I was dealing with a true initiate, since it is an inflexible rule with them to guard such information in absolute secrecy.

But after long investigation, and with the help of Count Stanislaus of Guaita and of Sir Colonel Laden La of Darjeeling, India, I obtained evidence regarding information which was already extent among certain Masonic lodges of France, Germany, Bulgaria and Russia. Cherenzi is an ex-prince of Tartary. He renounced his titles and hereditary revenues in the same manner as centuries before the great Buddha Gautama renounced his. Now, calling himself Professor Lind, or Cherenzi Lind, he was living humbly, a true lover of nature and of sublime simplicity.  All this he later confirm, and it is now a matter of public knowledge.

At a later time he returned to Spain. After living three months under the same roof, eating at the same table, working together before the same telescope – the ancient manuscripts and sources of culture – exploring the factors in higher mathematics, unceasingly adoring Beethoven, Lizt, Massenet and Wagner, one learns to understand a person, and thus one can speak with authority concerning him.

All the problems which present themselves to the human intelligence seem to interest him to an unusual degree. It is thus as Professor Lind that I learned to love him, since I always found in him a Master, one who could always teach me and satisfy my infinite yearnings for realizations, one who is a sublime elegy in his teaching of Wisdom, and a living symphony in all the affairs of his life.

One strange thing – in spite of knowing him for more than ten years, and after having been associated with him in home life and in various excursions, such as that we made to the temples of Huesca, those eight unforgettable days when we slept like simple shepherds in the grottos of Montserrat, during a trip we made in search of a valuable article of an Initiatory nature, which has been hidden there since the middle ages, since the first Knight Templars, who came from the Orient, established their center of activity in Spain; in fact, while we spent more than a month together studying the lakes of Samiedo, that is, as it were, knowing him intimately, never could I exchange personal gossip with him. His bearing is mot simple and familiar, but it always inspires deep respect and inspiration. I consider him the true inspiration of all my work and my greatest teacher. My works, “Wagner, mythologist and occultist”, “In the shadow of mystery”, “The book of the Jinas”, I owe entirely to his kindness and affectionate assistance. It was a great truth that my first teacher, the Ven. Marques Stanislaus de Guaita (Head of the Rose-Cross Seminary of the Gauls, Toulouse, France, and Grand Chancellor of the Sublime Order of Templars) gave me when he made this statement regarding the Prince: “He is a teacher who is very lovable, but above all very strict. It is impossible that one be with him and not become an initiate, unless one does not know how to be worthy of his efforts and watchfulness, and prefers self-love and his own stupidity to the vitalizing magic word of Elias Artista”. On another occasion, when I was visiting the Prince, his servant, a Chinese, spoke to me in these exact words: “The best of his disciples does not deserve to kiss the shadow he casts on the earth. They say that they love the truth and spiritual perfection, but when they have it they do not know how to understand it, nor even less can they make themselves worthy of that which they seek”  Harsh words, but true speaking! It is impossible to exaggerate when one treats of the transcendental.

To follow by his side one must be extremely desirous of understanding and must divest himself of all vanity and hindering passions. On the other hand, no one can be at his ease near him, or even under his spiritual guidance. It is severe, indeed, but it is also just. There could not be found a more faithful defender of spiritual principles than he.

It is for exactly this reason that the Sanctuaries seek him and the mystic organizations ask for him as director or Initiator. That is how we see him, heading institutions, very diverse in their demands and aspirations, without stopping to quibble over their traditions which they follow or even over their very names. He rules Mohammedan groups, Budhists, Christians, Hermetists, Hebrews, Taoists, Spiritualists. He directs the Rose-Cross movement over all the world and receives honors from everywhere. He does not participate in any “ism” nor does he embroil himself in any political entanglements, in any “system” and thus we see him supplying majestic teachings to al the ideologies, and showing forth the way of evolving consciousness.

All esoteric philosophy receives from him even today its greatest worth. He reformed it, calling it Transcendental of Fundamental Philosophy. He has changed nothing, but has simply made it more understandable and more popular, by clarifying its concepts. All the esoteric Sanctuaries follow his teachings, which mark a new step in human thought, much more transcendental in its cultural and spiritual implications than those put forth by Sankaracharya, and the same majestic truths of Buddha Gautama, which reformed all Vedanta. He has formulated a real philosophy or science of consciousness, and his teachings constitute the best prologue to a transcendental cosmic philosophy.

What I am unable to understand is the deep bitterness, or is it jealousy – which Mrs. Annie Besant & Bishop Leadbeater show toward him. Such a bold expositor of wisdom, such an incomparable initiator, Master of Wisdom, who surely personifies all the spiritual truth of a Manvantara of light and purity, defender at the same time of the Great Universal Spiritual Brotherhood, deserves neither criticism, nor malevolence from anyone – or should we say does not accept Krishnamurti, who desires to turn himself into a Messiah and incarnation of the Lord Maitreya, among the Theosophists of Central India. And why does he not accept Krishnamurti? He has told me many times in words like these: “When Krishnamurti or whoever he may be is really a Messiah, that is to say, according to cosmic requirements and mystic implications, I will accept him and honor him, as such. But the world is already sufficiently crammed with charlatanism and mystic farces, to the end that there is to be created a new cosmogony, the only aim of which is to meet with the captious urges of megalomaniacs, eccentrics, liars, victims of hallucinations and paranoics.

It is time that the true lovers of Truth organize themselves to defend her. To take the Sanctuaries, the Masters of Agartha and the sacred teachings for such coarse fantasies is a moral crime and blasphemy against the word of life. I oppose myself to such cynicism, since for me more than for any other person opposition is a duty. The Truth before all else! And behind me are all the esoteric Sanctuaries, and with me all the true Masters of Wisdom as well as the entire Universal Spirit”

With the use of such terms as these there would not be the least doubt that those on lower planes of development would resent his attitude and nothing could be more logical than that there would be few who could understand and be satisfied with such lofty thinking and such perfection. It does not explain, however, the fact that almost all his activities have been misinterpreted; that he has been accused of all that which he condemns most heartily and tries to avoid, that is to say, that which could most darken and obscure his high calling to Spiritual Culture. He expressed the same thought thus: “The weapons of the poor in spirit are evil speaking and malevolent intentions. Hate gives more inspiration to low souls than the most noteworthy philosophical postulates. However, these motions of his all seem to point to the thought: “There is nothing mightier, more beautiful, more useful, and more necessary than truth!” and “The power of Conscience is invincible”, he is often heard to say: I often lose battles, but I never surrender, and I always triumph in my campaigns”.  He is a strong and great spirit as is worthy of a descendant of an Emperor of the world, the Notable Sage and Genial Soldier who tried to establish the Spiritual and Fraternal Unification of Mankind, Gengish Kha Khan.

Always when I think of him I see him, or as it were, I have a prescience of him like an immense glory of lowing light, which breaks all the geographical lines and dissolves all the motivating ideologies which set man against man. Worthy of his name, Cherenzi (in Tibetan it is written Shenrezig and pronounce Cherenzi) he is a true sage of a Divine Wisdom which shows itself in all his acts as well as in all his teachings.

Let this serve as a sketchy introduction. At another time, perhaps it will be possible for me to give a more detailed presentation of the one whom I cherish as my beloved and Venerable Master.

Mario Roso de Luna

Note: This short study was reprinted from “The Ring”, No. 1, of Barcelona, Spain, 1936. It is not necessary to introduce the author of this sketch. Dr. Mario Roso de Luna is a distinguished man of science, mathematician, astronomer, author of various literary works on the occult, Theosophy, etc. and is considered an authority on such matters by the world. He has known as the Wizard of Logrosan, such was his fame as sage and great mystic. This article shows forth in strong terms a picture of the R.C. Esoteric teacher who in a short time will visit South America. During his recent trip through Europe, he was named Titular Instructor of the Order of Templars.

Official Organ of The Bodha Society of America, Inc.
Vehicle of The Great Universal Spiritual Brotherhood
Vol.3, No. 5, Fall 1940, California USA
From: “EL RENACIMIENTO ESPIRITUAL”, Vol.3, Sept. 1938.

Los Angeles, California.

Barcelona, 6th of August, 1966

Mrs. Sonia BERG
New York City

Sister and Disciple,


Thanks for that letter of the Church World Service. Answer them quickly and tell them that I have millions of friends throughout the world so it is only natural that the UN Refugee Bureau should hear about them, and it will hear much more henceforth, as time passes and no real solution is given to this gentleman, a HUMAN BEING OR/OM Lind.

Tell them also that the Church World Service in Madrid has offered to send me a Health Service Card, well over a month ago, and still nothing has been fulfilled, so it is only natural that people throughout the world begin to distrust the Church World Service, and to believe that there is obvious discrimination against this one single person.

Tell them also that Pres. Johnson has said that all Cubans have a home in the U.S.A. There is no reason to keep ONE CUBAN CITIZEN OUT on lingering motives or pretests, just to let time pass. People who suffer cannot have patience, and it is not justice to offer satisfaction and attach strings to all offers, or to delay indefinitely real solutions. Justice too little or too late is absolute INJUSTICE.

Tell them all I say, and also that Mr. Lucero has offered me board and given me a house in Torrance, and Mrs. Sanders has offered me lodging for me and all my secretaries. Others have offered the very same, while myself at 65 I am like in the prime of youth and in full capacities of production, not likely to wait over two months as I already have, to make myself a living just to satisfy other people who worry over my support.

Tell them I have always been my own employer, and I intend to continue to be, that I have a Museum of my own and no such a person can depend on any Church or government for support. That I am a well known and pretty able lecturer, philosopher, art critic and world traveler, and well capable of supporting myself under all circumstances as I have always done throughout my life in all countries.

The Madrid Church World Service man Mr. Molina said that customs duties would have to be paid for the Museum of Dr. Lind. If it is not so, It is no fault of us if we have been mislaid or misinformed. In no country in the whole wide world Dr. Lind has had to pay for his Museum, which is primarily his work bunch, his collection of panels for his lectures, and his private library, as well as the archives of societies (religious mostly) which are connected with his worldwide activities.

Dr. Lind as well as all his collaborators and friends throughout the world wonder why it is so difficult for him to be admitted into the USA, being a great savant, and why the UNHCR has to delay over four years to solve such a single problem of a refugee. Besides, Dr. Lind is not particularly interested in coming to America exclusively, and with so many great  complications and restrictions, as all he has always said is to find a country humanitarian, democratic, christian and civilized enough to grant his a genuine permanent and respectable residence. After waiting four long years, he would prefer to be favored by America, but if this is to delay so much and be so complicated and difficult, he will accept any other country. It stands to reason that no human being can be well satisfied of conditions when he is forced to submit to all sorts of intricate bureaucratic demands and still have to wait four years. Dr. Lind, if we may remind you, applied for residence in the USA in 1962, when he was finally liberated from Cuba, and he is still expecting an answer, and answering himself the very same questions made by American Consular Officers.

May we remind the following: Dr. OM Lind is a Cuban citizen, as well as a human being who suffers the perplexing and harrowing condition of all the refugees of the world. He may have been deluded in the belief that it is true that all Cuban citizens are entitled to a home in America. It is true that he did not cross the Miami strait swimming his way among sharks, but he still is a human being who requests a just human treatment. This is what he has emphasized to us, and we cannot say more about his own thoughts and future aspirations. Please kindly consult such matters with him.


Please write the above in clear and pleasant phrases. Always write what you have to say, and when you confer with officials, immediately write a confirmation of the matters treated, so that we may always have evidences of what is being said and done.

You may also tell them that Dr. Lind is a religious leader and Spiritual Guide with world status. His hardships are beginning to cause serious wondering throughout the world, as his case seems to be one of prejudice, or at least that he is not being treated fairly.

Write with nice words, and tell them to hurry, as time loss is never recuperated. Tell them if I was able to establish my own Museum and University in Cuba, I can still do so in America and even on the Poles if need be, etc., but tell them that I SAY THIS, and you merely repeat what I say. Thus they will not bully you.