“Let us solve economic social problems and ensure Welfare, prosperity respect and happiness for all”.-.KH


A great news is being rushed around the world. It is an attempt to solve present day economic and social problems by a group of stalwart souls who refuse to remain chained to the flywheel of modern materialistic civilization and be victimized by the unwholesome and antinatural “way of life”.

We are at heart naturists and vegetarians, and we have studied world conditions for decades. We know of most Movements, Churches and Fraternities recently created, and we have taken an active part in successive essays in Economic Reform. The only thing we have never done is to advocate methods of violence, communistic hate or religious insincerity; neither have we betrayed any trust or principle because we have never abandoned our better way of thinking nor the wise counsels of our forebears.

Most of us have gone through the experience of all sorts of metaphysical and mystic innovations, not to say of spiritualism, theosophy and neoideologie, but with none of the current mental atrophies and morbous aftermaths. Most of us are in fact Churchgoers and all are unconditional law-abiding citizens, and we are neither fanatical about our diet, intolerant toward those who do not believe in sunbathing or gymnosophy nor antagonistic toward persons who go to one Church instead of another, and we see a Brother under all different sorts of skin pigment. In fact we are absolutely normal folks and we know whereof we speak.

We certainly dissent with people who accept with indifference the tremendous moral upheaval and spiritual void of modern life and the tragedy of the impact of modern materialistic civilization on man. We likewise would prefer to live in a world wherein all people enjoy guaranteed FREEDOM, RESPECT, WELFARE, PROSPERITY, PEACE, AND HAPPINESS, and we mean to do something about it.

We are not of course chronical complainers and unadapted individuals. We are for one thing advanced thinkers who believe in improving their own lot in spite of circumstances. . . . . .

The NEW AGE WORLDWIDE BROTHERHOOD AND COMMONWEALTH is by no means a fancy dream or a new fed for crackpots. It is the inspiration of wise Spiritual leaders and well-balanced economists, among whom your best friends and your preferred authors are most likely to be found. Its humanistic principles may comfort you and give you confidence in our avowed Spiritual values. You will no doubt discover also that our immediate aims are to solve world problems and remedy human ills without beating the bush and chasing butterflies, or advocating methods of violence and unkind attitudes.

We seek basic reforms which are liable to ensure the proper and wholesome development of civilization and natural human evolution, and we know that this cannot be accomplished by merely boasting PACIFIST ideas or bragging about our concepts on advanced social economy. In fact we believe it is not possible to solve economic problems without a sound economy, and this is utterly impossible without human Brotherhood. That is why we have adopted the New Age formula of Worldwide BROTHERHOOD AND COMMONWEALTH FOR PEACEFUL AND FREE PEOPLE, which can be accomplished only by wiser honorable and legal means.

To begin with we must have a World FUND. After that we shall be able to develop a sound wealth that will enable us to guaranty ECONOMIC WELFARE for all. Thereupon all our hopes may be fulfilled, inclusive “Extra-national or autonomous and sovereign Extraterritoriality”, without which most of the noble ideals longed for by mankind today are absolutely unrealizable. As we say, our own BROTHERHOOD AND COMMONWEALTH will be the only sound and stable foundation for the success of our endeavors and aspirations . . . .

We do not claim that no one else can solve present-day world problems and remedy human ills. We simply state that our plan is loophole and practical, and that no better one has as yet been fashioned. However if and when a better one is conceived we shall be glad to adopt it. Meanwhile we believe it incumbent on us to proceed, are it is too late to salvage the patrimony of man and rescue a good part of civilization.

Many people do not believe it is up to them to create a civilization. Perhaps selfishness is more suitable to their frame of mind. Nevertheless there are people with an enormous amount of common sense, who believe like us that tolerance should be exerted among those of different creeds and faiths, and that by collaborating together they have chances of succeeding in fulfilling right now their most vaunted ideals and aspirations. While we actually cater to all earnest persons, we do not expect faithless, irresponsible and indifferent folks to respond to our Call.

Only those of stout heart may answer. An International Regular Dues of $ --- monthly ($ -- per year) is the minimum contribution of Members. All Members are expected to bring THREE new Members as soon as possible[1]

Membership is open to everybody except criminals, cranks, alcoholic vice entertainers, outlaws, tramps, professional crooks, vicious slanderers, advocators of violence and persons with unbalanced mind.

Needless to say we intend living up to our ideals, and fashion a civilization after our own cherished principles and ideals. Members are entitled to Economic Help after the first year of Membership. After the second year of Membership they enjoy full rights, may be elected to Office and vote, partake in Club activities, enjoy Social Security Service, and in case of demise their beneficiaries receive a Bonus of $ ---. They may also reside in out Settlements without paying rents, participate in the activities of our Colonies, and when we obtain the “Free State status” they will have the right to choose World Citizenship.

Our great problem is obviously to get people to understand that they should UNITE in the name of their identical plight if not because of their better ideals. It is unfortunately so difficult to convince people that until they learn to unite and cooperate like brethren the world will be divided in sects, groups and clans of more or less prestige and success, yet mankind will continue submerged in growing misery, vice, confusion and despair, only to end in vicious hate, brutish violence and passional outbursts with the ensuing futile and monstrous destruction and bloodshed.

It would be utterly delusive to expect people to feel and act as Brethren almost overnight, particularly when they have been educated to hate, despise, slander, maltreat, tear up, curse and kill persons of different races or who have the misfortune to have a different faith or party. People are still beasts at heart when their prejudice, selfish designs and sectarian interests are at stake, and this is the reason why we cannot be too enthusiastic, unless our command of world problems should enable us to impress people and produce the wondrous miracle of convincing them.

Need we insist, indeed, on the necessity of our coaxing? Our sincerity may not be sufficient, and people might still want to know why we want to solve world problems and remedy human ills! In fact we have already been accused as “freak modern samaritan knights”, and more than once we have been told that our sacrifices are futile since the “modern man is fundamentally selfish and impervious to noble ideals if and when sacrifices are expected from him”.

Certainly we are not sectarian, and we only seek the WELFARE and happiness of all mankind. Yet, is this in any way opposed to the countless Churches, Political parties, States, Fraternities and ethical Movements now extent? Do we deserve to be dealt with as crooks, deluded schemers, evil magicians, merely because we speak the language of those who suffer persecution, hunger, social discrimination, misery, economic injustice, mystical charlatanry? Need we be ignored or despised, because some hideous characters misconstrue our ideals or cast at us the dirt and poisons which overflow from their heart despite their much vaunted religious doctrines?

Our ideals and sacrifices constitute our only guaranty and they are also our best justification. The practical solutions now proposed are self-evident and need neither excuses nor defense on our part.

May our sincerity fructify so that our endeavors duly prosper.

T. Thompson





*** CO-OPERATION is our watchword. Of course, your Membership DUES do not make you a different person from what you really are. But by becoming an ACTIVE ASSOCIATE MEMBER you collaborate affectively toward the better structure of the UNIVERSAL BORTHERHOOD COMMONWEALTH as wall as toward its proper management, above all mythic, conventional or not entirely humanitarian designs.

*** There are more than seven different races. But more than seventy Traditions, seven hundred culture, and seven thousand Religions, among the many nations.

WHY should they all be identical and absolutely reduced to “One” by anyone, or by the most willful and powerful?

WHY, W H Y should any race or religion be more privileged than all the others?

WHY, W H Y, W H Y should any race, religion, culture or nation in particular impose itself and either deny, annihilate or subdue and enslave all the others by means of vicious hatred, monstrous bigotry, barbarian violence, abominable colonialism, cruel immorality, devilish inquisition, roguish supranationalism, or totalitarian self-righteous sufficiency or supposed Divine virtues?

*** The living symbol of the United Nations, since 1945, is attempting to establish a world economical and political collaboration. IS IT NOT TIME FOR ALL THE SPIRITUAL AND MORAL ELITE of mankind, for all those who are toiling for the betterment and wellbeing of man and who speak of Universal Spiritual Values and preach Divine Truth, Brotherhood and Peace --- to finally prove the Sacredness of their ideals?

*** YOU MAY SAY THAT YOU HAVE LIVED to see the ideal of the Worldwide Brotherhood – Co-operative – Commonwealth of Mankind REALIZED. But does this really mean anything to you? Or do you prefer the jungle rule?



As available means permit in each locality

Our Educational Section will slowly but surely establish a complete Special Service for all the Members, consisting in: 1.- Public Lectures; 2.- Home Courses (languages, drawing, painting, cooking, sawing, decoration, maintain, vegetarian, food, reducing and fattening diets, etc); 3.- Indoor and outdoor Sports (archery, ping pong, tennis, swimming, camping, horse riding, etc) 4.- Home and public Hostess, social organization, Public Relations; 5.- Technical Courses of Study; 6.- University Extension courses (Comparative Religions, Archeology, Creative Art, Art critique, Scientific Progress, New Age Human interests, Ancient Sacred Mysteries and Holy Traditions, The World of Biology, Heredity, Cosmology, Ocean life, etc. etc.); 7.- Photography; 8.- Personality expression; 9.- Medical motives; l0.- New Age Child Education.

Lecturers and Teachers will be specially invited for such purposes from all parts of the world.

Completely FREE for all the Active-Associate Members (Golden Seal Member - ship Card.


“I do not approve your way of thinking, but it is your privilege to uphold it. With respect toward each other we will solve all problems”. Pr. OM Lind

“When people get tired of waging futile wars and fretting about foolish hopes or trying to trample on other people’s rights and bungle with their affairs, they will turn to us, because they will realize that the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION is a reality which, exists in forms of yearning at the bottom of all sincere souls”— Calcutta, India, the 20 of March 1928 .—The Cosmic Oracle —.


(*) The booklet entitled: THE UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM, our immediate aims will help all persons interested to know HOW Individually & collectively each Active – Associate – Member (ind.) and each Church, fraternity, mystic School, Chivalric Order, learned Society and philosophical Academy can Help.

[1] Consult our GENERAL MEMBERSHIP HANOBOOK, THE COSMIC ORACLE, Membership Conditions and Benefits Contracts, the RIGH ANSWER, successive General REPORTS of activities and agreements of the WwPPof R.F.F. & Ph. as well as of the URA&HR